Prayer Request Wednesday

I left my house at exactly 8:00 this morning, because we had an 8:15 appointment.

(This is where I laugh at big city dwellers and shout out, “Ha!  We may not have a Target or an Applebee’s, but we can drive from one end of our town to the other in less time than it takes you to boil water for the macaroni noodles!”)

(But then I remember that this is actually kind of BRAGGING, and Jesus doesn’t like that.)

After my early-morning appointment, I went to Starbucks, because I needed nutrition.  Specifically, I needed the type of nutrients that come in a white cup with a green mermaid, and has the words OPRAH CHAI written on the side.  After that, I taught PE.  (No one split a lip open today, so YAY.)  And then we watched the boy’s soccer game.  And then we flew back across town for youth group at our church, where I helped run the games, because apparently someone caught wind of the fact that I actually know all the rules to dodgeball.

(Except… a lot of the time, I just make the rules up as I go along.)

I got home tonight at 7:45.

Now, Trigonometry made my eyebrows twitch and Calculus made my head explode, but I’m capable of subtracting 7:45 pm from 8:00 am, and coming up with the answer of LONG DAY.  And LONG DAY translates into QUICK BLOG POST, because I feel like my brain needs to be wrapped in a warm blanket and tucked into a feather bed for twelve hours.


I thought I’d just do a different kind of blog post tonight, because DIFFERENT is always GOOD, unless you’re messing with macaroni and cheese.  Then… it’s only the bright-orange Kraft kind, filled with every artificial food dye known to man.  You don’t ever switch to something different there, or the kids will surround you with mutiny on their minds.

I just thought that we could do a bit of a Prayer Request Wednesday, because suddenly I know several families who are in desperate need of people talking to Jesus for them.  So, if you’re the praying sort (and I really hope that you are), could you take a few minutes and just mention these people to Jesus before you head to bed tonight?

1.  My little Leena.  I did a blog post about her a while back, which you can read RIGHT HERE.  Leena is a first grader this year, and I have her in my PE class.  She was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer… at the age of SIX.  Leena is sweet and wonderful, and I.  CAN’T.  EVEN.  IMAGINE.

I cannot even begin to imagine where her parents are pulling their strength from right now, except I DO know where.  Leena’s family knows Jesus, and they’re falling smack down in front of him right now, asking for some miracles for their little girl.  I know that they’d love for you to include Leena in your own prayers at home.

2.  Hubs and I went to school with a set of brothers… Frank and Shad.  Shad married Shelly, and they became good friends of ours, because Shelly is adorable and fun and lively and a total kick in the pants.  We ADORE her.  (Oh, Shad is pretty-okay, too; we kind of like him.)  Then… Frank and Shad moved their families… their wives and their kiddos… from Small Town, USA to a little beach town in California, where they could all learn to surf.  And then Shelly told us to join them there, because the temperatures never get above 75 degrees, and GLORY, GLORY, HALLELUJAH!!  I loved the sound of THAT, but I’m not getting on a surf board at all.  Not ever.  I saw Jaws and Soul Surfer, and there is simply NO WAY that I’m going to crawl onto a surf board when the ocean is filled with sharks with giant teeth.


Frank’s son… Shad and Shelly’s nephew… is Jared.  Jared is seventeen years old, and a couple of days ago, he went to his school nurse, because he was having some vision problems, which paired themselves with a bad headache.  He told the nurse that he felt like he was going to pass out.

Jared was taken by ambulance, from his high school to the hospital, with signs of a brain trauma and fluid on his brain.

This seventeen year old boy, who is loved and cherished by all of his family, is now in a medically-induced coma, as well as being medically paralyzed, so that the swelling in his brain can go down, and so that fluid can be drained off.

Jared’s family would like all the prayers that they can get right now.

3.  My friend Jodi is one of the biggest pumpkins around; she’s just sweet, sweet, SWEET, and we love her to bits and pieces.  Jodi has a brother named Larry, and he has found out that he has cancer.  This diagnosis has brought a lot of tears with it, but Larry is tolerating his chemotherapy pretty well right now.  Jodi and her family would love for you to talk to Jesus about her brother and the blessing of a full recovery for Larry.

4.  Theresa was my very best friend in high school and college.  She is the one friend who knows me the best… the one friend who has laughed with me the most… the one friend who has cried with me more than any one else.  I adore that girl, even if she moved to Rival Town after we graduated from college, because a dentist offered her a job as a hygienist there, and she decided not to wait around to see if a Small Town dentist would do the same.  She was on THAT job, because… well… we were young and fresh out of college, and having a paycheck was going to get us off of a diet of perpetual Ramen Noodles.

Theresa is married to Gary.  Gary won’t mind if I tell you this, but he’s a total dork.  But… we adore him anyway, because Gary is fun and hilarious; he makes our sides ache from all the laughing we do whenever we’re with him, and he has always been the perfect husband for Theresa. 


Gary has a cancerous tumor that is growing and growing in his neck.  It can’t be operated on.  Gary needs Jesus to hand him a miracle, and we know that Jesus is absolutely capable of that.  I know that Theresa would hug all of you tight and kiss the sides of your cheeks, if you would find a few moments to pray for Gary.  He’s a good man, and he’s endured a lot over the past couple of years with this diagnosis.

5.  My dad had a “high grade cancer tumor” taken out of his bladder this past April.  The scary news was that this was a WICKED UGLY tumor; the good news is that the cancer cells hadn’t gone into the lining of my dad’s bladder at all.  He has had two different surgeries and undergone several treatment sessions, and we would all love for you to sit before Jesus and ask Him to please keep this cancer AWAY… and also GONE.  We don’t want to see any more of this bladder cancer, because my dad has some grandchildren to see to.  And… we sort of like my dad, too.  His name is David, and we would be blessed to have you pray for him.

And this is the part where I insert this one sentence:  I HATE CANCER.  I HATE IT… I HATE IT… I TOTALLY STINKING LOATHE AND DESPISE IT.

And that’s going to wrap up my quick list of prayer requests this evening.

I just know that there are a lot of people out there who are capable of throwing prayers at Jesus’ feet.  If you wouldn’t mind, I know that these families would COVET your prayers… that they would BEG FOR your prayers… that they would sob with an overwhelming feeling of THANK YOU… if you would just take a few moments to pray for Leena… and Jared… and Larry… and Gary… and my dad, David.

Thank you.

Y’all have a merry Wednesday night.

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  1. Taking all those special friends to prayer! Our God is a Healing God! He will be with them as He brings about healing in their lives. I pray all those people can share witness to the miracle of Jesus’ love.

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