Hi There!

Tap… tap… tap.

Is this thing on?

Do y’all remember how I used to blog here?

Yeah… neither do I.  Apparently we have been very busy eating carbohydrates, not showering until the later parts of the afternoons (if even then), and watching TV shows about people who live off the land in the swamps and the backwoods and make their own moonshine.

In fact, I told Hubs yesterday that I was concerned that if I walked outside… some good Samaritan would approach me and ask me if I wanted to go ahead and load my shopping cart full of all my worldly possessions into the bus, so that I could catch a ride on up to the shelter for the night, what with the temperatures promising to plummet to MINUS eight.

And really?  I don’t regret any of it.

Well… maybe I regret the fact that I wore the same pair of pajamas for forty-eight straight hours, and maybe I regret the fact that on Tuesday it seemed like a good idea that we were about to smoke a twenty-one pound turkey, but… OTHER THAN THAT… it’s been a fantastic five-day holiday weekend.

(I think turkey is dead to me.  Twenty-one pounds goes a long ways for soup and sandwiches, and HELLO, MY STRONG DESIRE FOR A SLICE OF PIZZA OR A GOOD BEEF FILET RIGHT NOW!)

Tomorrow, I promise to get back on some sort of regular blogging schedule again.  And I’ve also promised myself that I will do some laundry, because all of our flannel pajama pants and fleece tops are no longer folded up nicely and waiting for us in the closets.  (Ultimately, this means that we’re dreading putting on REAL JEANS in the morning, because the elastic waistbands have been our constant companions over the big weekend.)  I’m also going to the grocery store tomorrow, to buy things that are not TURKEY, MASHED POTATOES or CORN CASSEROLE INGREDIENTS.  There’s going to be some cooking going on over here at our house that the Pilgrims and Indians knew nothing about.

Until then, may y’all have a blessed Sunday evening.

And may your real pants fit you well, come morning, because excessive carbohydrates are not our true friends, no matter how tenderly they whisper soft words of love to us.

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