Merry Christmas, Y’all

From our house to yours…


ResizedChristmasCard ResizedChristmasCardBack(And I can’t take too much credit for our family’s Christmas card this year.  Yes, I took the snapshots of the boy and Thing 2, but listen:  they were dark and too-shadowy and blah, because that’s the only way I know how to take pictures.  Thankfully, it’s always good to have a friend who knows her way around PhotoShop like I know my way around the home decorating aisles of Target.  I sat beside Susan a few weeks ago, sipping an Oprah chai latte from Starbucks and talking a mile-a-minute, while Susan worked her magic.  She lightened faces; she brightened photos.  And then she created our family’s card from scratch and her own cleverness, and I am in love with it!)

Merry Christmas, y’all.  Merry Christmas.

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