Ten Years’ Worth Of Christmas Pictures

So yesterday, after mentioning that Hubs’ sister has helped me arrange all of our kids on their grandparents’ sofa every single Christmas for a group snapshot, I thought it would be fun to find them all, just to see how much everyone has grown over the years.

It took me a sweet forever, because I doubt any of you have any idea of the sheer magnitude of pictures I have saved on my hard drive.

Also… my pictures are just arranged by year, and that’s it, because my level of organization is very mediocre, at best.

This post probably won’t matter much to anyone outside of our family, but I thought aunts and uncles would grin a bit over seeing how tiny our kids used to be, when we first started the annual tradition of a group photo.  Miss A was barely a year old in that first snapshot, and she’s a 4th grader this year!

Christmas, 2005.  If I’m doing the math correctly here, Cousin R would have just turned 3.  The boy was 5 years old.  Miss A had just celebrated her first birthday.  Big Cousin H was 10.  Cousin M (on H’s lap) would have been 2.  Cousin B would have been 4, and Cousin W, on the far right, was just 6.  And Little Thing 2 wouldn’t arrive on the scene for another seven years!

FourChristmas, 2006.

NineChristmas, 2007.

FiveChristmas, 2008.

SixChristmas, 2009.

ThreeChristmas, 2010.

OneChristmas, 2011.  This was the year that one of Hubs’ brothers had the NERVE to leave town for Christmas Day!  We’re still working on forgiving him for disrupting our group shot that December.  (It’s a really good thing that we like him!)

EightChristmas, 2012.  Thing 2 was finally there to celebrate with us!

SevenChristmas, 2013.

TwoAnd this year… Christmas, 2014.  If my brain hasn’t messed up the math… if I’ve added correctly and carried the one when I needed to… then Cousin M would be 11.  Cousin W is 15.  Thing 2 is 2.  Cousin R just turned 12.  Big Cousin H is 19 now.  Miss A is a whopping 10 years old already.  The boy is 14, and Cousin B, on the end, is 13.

EditedIMG_1271I can’t believe how these little stinkers have managed to grow up on us, but wow!  What a fun pack of cousins!

Merry Tuesday, everyone.

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