Because Every Little Boy Loves Himself A Good Screwdriver

So the ice machine in our freezer door froze over.  I don’t know if it was someone who angered Elsa (and by the looks of our weather outside, that may very well be the case) or what, but all the working parts froze.

And when working parts freeze, they tend to… well… stop working, and THAT resulted in a serious ice shortage for everyone at our house.  We went into panic mode, because HOW WILL WE LIVE WITHOUT CRUSHED ICE IN OUR LEMON WATERS?  (Except that was only me shouting that, because I’m the only one who thinks lemon and water stir up a great kind of health craze around here.  Everyone else shouted, WHAT?  NO CRUSHED ICE FOR THE COKE?  Clearly, they haven’t watched the You Tube videos on THIS IS YOUR STOMACH ON COKE.)

(Shout out if you’re old enough to remember those commercials from yesteryear… the fried eggs cooking in the pan… )

(You’re all way too young and have absolutely no idea what I’m even talking about, huh?)

(No matter.)

This weekend, Hubs employed his ability to understand how things come apart, and he took the ice maker out of the freezer door.  And then he sprawled it all out across my kitchen counter to thaw overnight, because that’s exactly what I wanted hogging up my counter space.

(I say that like I actually use my kitchen counters for cooking.)

The next morning, Elsa had forgiven the ice machine, and she was good to go back inside the refrigerator.  Sadly, it took ALL STINKING DAY before she’d summoned her courage and strength to attempt ice-making once more, but I’m here to report:  SHE DID IT!  WE HAVE ICE AGAIN!  CRISIS AVERTED!

The boy was sleeping when Hubs reassembled the ice machine, because the boy is fourteen and seldom makes an appearance before lunchtime on the weekends any more.  Thing 2 gets up at 5 AM, because his primary goal in life is to see every sunrise, every day, for his entire life.  (Bless his heart.)  When he realized that Daddy was tinkering in the kitchen, he immediately ran to the junk drawer to grab his own screwdriver.  Apparently it’s an embarrassment for any guy to show up at a tinkering party without his own tools, and this is something that the Y chromosome just innately KNOWS, even at the age of two and a half.

IMG_1400 IMG_1401 IMG_1404 IMG_1406 IMG_1408 IMG_1410 IMG_1412 IMG_1417And… just like that… the thing was fixed.

I can’t even put into words my happiness over this, because I was ready to just buy a brand new refrigerator at Home Depot in order to have ice at my command again.  Our checking account is grateful that all our water-freezing abilities needed was some time to thaw out, and that the dad around here knew how to handle the GET IT OUT OF THE FREEZER DOOR WITHOUT BREAKING IT LIKE MY WIFE WOULD HAVE DONE IN SHEER FRUSTRATION process.

Y’all have a fantastic Tuesday evening.

2 thoughts on “Because Every Little Boy Loves Himself A Good Screwdriver

  1. Please don’t disown me but I hate ice. I even ask for no ice when I am eating out. I am seeking help for this but so far it looks like a huge dental bill to fix my relationship with ice

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