The Unmerciful Servant Meets Frozen

I think everyone pretty much knows that I’m a sucker for any story that a little kid has to tell.

Unless, of course, it involves Thing 2 announcing, “P.U!  Oh, no!  P.U.!!  P.U.!!!!  What is that SMELL?” as we walk into our house after running errands to encounter the delicious aroma of a roast simmering away in our crockpot.  For the record, I was all hopped up on the high of LOOK HOW ORGANIZED I AM, because… obviously!!  Dinner was pretty much done at 9 AM, because BOOM!  Look who filled the crockpot with every manner of deliciousness, so that dinner would fall into place like it had been sprinkled with pixie dust.  When I told Thing 2 that, “Hey, that smells GOOD, and it’s our supper for tonight,” he hollered out, “Oh, man!  It stinks!  P.U.!!  It stinks so bad.  HE NOT EAT IT!  HE NOT EAT IT,” right before he fell to the floor in a dramatic portrayal of a kangaroo that was dying a slow, seizure-filled death.

Of course, that wasn’t so much a STORY as it was a declaration of, “I don’t know what you’ve got going on in the slow cooker, Ma, but it smells like torture and the broken knees of baby angels, and I won’t be partaking of it.”


There’s this video that’s circulating the World Wide Web this week, where a few adults actually act out a Bible story, as told by kids, and I am in love with it.  I am so much in love with it, in fact, that half of its hits on You Tube can probably be traced back to my own computer.

I especially adore the fact that the song, “Let It Go,” makes its Biblical debut in the book of Matthew, which is exactly where I would have put it, too.

So… if you haven’t already seen it… here it is.  And it’s adorable.  And the facial expressions on the adults make me grin clear across my face.  I’m thinking ACADEMY AWARDS here…

(“Actually, can I sing you a song?”)

(If that video doesn’t play well… because sometimes I think it sticks, in an effort to drive me to the brink of insanity… you can click RIGHT HERE and watch it.)

Y’all have a great evening.

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  1. TAMMY!!! You made my day with that video. That was the cutest thing I have ever seen…well, aside from those great pictures of your adorable kids. Thank you for sharing!!

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