We Will Have No Super Bowl Rings

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, but the Broncos lost yesterday.

And that, people, has ended our NFL season here at the Jedi Manor.  In case you’re wondering, Hubs didn’t take the loss well at all.  He sort of resembled the man who comes home to discover that someone kicked each of the puppies in his litter.  And then he hung black banners on the outsides of our home, to announce to all passersby that WE ARE A FAMILY IN DEEP MOURNING; WE ARE A FAMILY WITH BROKEN HEARTS.

If you feel compelled to bring us a casserole during our mourning period, when you stop by to leave a lit candle or a stuffed animal in our driveway, PLEASE!  Do so.

And if you’re wondering how I took the loss, let me tell you this one thing:  I took a nap during the first quarter of that Bronco football game yesterday afternoon.  It was the kind of nap where you sleep like you’re dead, drool on the pillow, and dream that you and a friend are moving wild pigs from one pasture to another, regardless of the fact that, in real life, you want absolutely nothing to do with wild pigs.  And then you wake up, and you have no idea where you are, and your hair is sticking up in nineteen different directions, and your mascara has smeared down one cheek.  Yes… I slept exactly like that, while the Broncos went into their playoff game, and Hubs couldn’t understand how I could relax when possible Super Bowl rings were on the line.

It’s all in the deep breathing, people.

In other news, Hubs took the boy with him to our church on Saturday, because they installed hot spots.  Or hot points.  Or hot places.  Or hot I-HAVE-NO-IDEA-WHAT, because apparently our church was in need of those things.  I would love to tell you more about that adventure, but all I know is that (1) it was computer related, (2) they were gone ALL THE LIVE-LONG DAY, and (3) the boy’s Saturday apprenticeship went very well, and he can now run forty-six miles of wires and cables through fiberglass insulation.

While they were gone, my mom came over and we gutted my pantry.

Our pantry has been on the bad end of organization for quite some time now, which is a fancy way to say IT LOOKED LIKE A TROLL SHOPPING CENTER.  I’ve been on Pinterest more than I care to admit lately, looking at different pantries and coveting all the organization and delicious wicker baskets with little chalkboards on the front where the mama can write the words CEREAL BOXES.  I feel that it’s very important to have a cute and trendy chalkboard label for boxes of Life and Krave and Raisin Bran, because?  Otherwise?  How on earth would you know what was actually in that wicker basket?

I had decided that our very own pantry could benefit from this type of organization, because the girly side of me was head over heels in love with the wicker baskets to hold my Minute Rice, and the OCD side of me needed the pantry chaos to be tamed so that I could breathe without developing a migraine every single day when I had to open those pantry doors.

So I went to Walmart, because it’s the only place to shop in Small Town, USA.  You know what they say… “If you can’t buy it at Walmart, then you’ll have to order it off of Amazon.”  As luck would have it, our Walmart thinks that wicker baskets in a pantry is a trend that has gone the way of the avocado-colored oven or the pink bathroom tile, so they don’t have any.  And there was my mama, at my house, ready to attack that pantry with me like a couple of lit grenades, so I wasn’t going to take the time to get free, two-day shipping off Amazon Prime.

I plowed forward, and I bought plastic bins.  They’re not as lovely as the wicker baskets on Pinterest, but listen:  They do exactly the same job, for fewer American dollars.

I didn’t take any BEFORE pictures of my pantry, because I didn’t think that I needed to be reminded of what we were hiding behind closed doors at our house, but then I remembered that I had a snapshot on my phone of Thing 2 CLIMBING the pantry shelves.

This will stand in as our BEFORE picture, even though it was taken a couple of months ago.

IMG_2842I know.  I need to hang my head in shame, because how on earth could anyone in our family get to the Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies when they were just shoved to the back like that?

And now, after forty-eleven hours of manual labor that was reminiscent of digging ditches in the Arizona sun, we have the AFTER shot:

IMG_1429And all the angels said, “Amen.”

And then!  Because he’s so hard to photograph, what with him being fourteen and fearful of the camera these days, I managed to sit the boy down and catch him on a digital memory card, which is getting more and more difficult to do.

His mama thinks he’s rather handsome, even if he is in serious need of a haircut.

IMG_1394 IMG_1399And that’s going to do it for tonight, folks.

Apparently we’ve moved on to the Oregon Ducks and the Colorado Avalanche games tonight, what with the Denver Broncos being completely out of the lineup.  I might just have to go YELL-O at the TV here in a moment.

And then I might have to come back and stare at the pantry that my mama helped me create.  I feel like a disco ball should light up every time I throw the doors open wide.

Happy Monday night, y’all.

1 thought on “We Will Have No Super Bowl Rings

  1. Please don’t let your hubs read this or he might forbid me from ever having contact with you again.
    I prayed that your Broncos would lose. I needed our Colts to win. I have some hopes for the Colts taking on the Packers in the best Super Bowl matchup ever.

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