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I think I’m going to live now.  Because what I THOUGHT was “I’m feeling better” on Monday night, turned out to be the calm before the storm, as the very worst case of nausea and dizziness ever recorded in the history of all humans, since Eve first got a little woozy while she was pregnant and asked Adam to fetch her a cold bottle of Evian, to “I just barfed on a space shuttle launch and LOOK AT IT FLOAT, WOULD YA, and when can I return to Earth and gravity?” hit me like a charging rhinoceros.

To say that I was suffering from the head spins yesterday was like saying that the sun is a bit warm.  I even had to ask Hubs, “So?  Can you work from home today, because Girlfriend here can’t get out of bed without falling down, and TODDLER IN THE HOUSE!”

And that is exactly how I came to spend forty-eight entire hours lying in my bed, with the curtains closed and the door shut, and strict instructions dished out to JUST GO ASK DADDY ABOUT EVERYTHING.

And, rest assured, Daddy found out about everything, as he heard sentences like, “He spilled applesauce,” and “He has poop,” and “He no want this movie!  He no want it,” and “Oh, no!  He made a mess!”  Hubs had a very relaxing day at home, trying to run his business remotely through the beauty of internet connections and fielding conference calls, while he wiped yogurt off the floor and hunted for MY JOHN DEERE!  WHERE’S MY JOHN DEERE TRACTOR?  WHERE IS IT?  HE NEEDS IT!  WHERE ISSSSSSS IT????

I think Hubs was quite content to load himself up in his car this morning and drive himself to his office, with the big picture window overlooking the cliffs and the snow.  It was a place where no one knew the term WALLYKAZAM, and Hubs was safe in the fold there.


I know the Super Bowl is history and all, and listen:  I didn’t even watch the second half, because Stomach Flu ’15 plowed me over during Katy Perry’s halftime show, which is exactly when I went to bed.  But I HEARD about the ending, and I have seen that final play on video clips, and I’ve listened to our Seattle-loving neighbors sob.  And then I saw THIS today, and I AM IN LOVE!

20529_993284197366118_2917689435421151911_nBecause?  Sandra Bullock?  In The Blind Side?  I aspire to be just like her, and when Leigh Anne Tuohy speaks a play… well… that coach had better sit up and use it.

(Also?  She feeds her family Taco Bell, so it’s like I’m already her best friend.)

And today… February 4th… is my sweet mama’s birthday.  She’s one of the most inspirational people I know, y’all, because my mama has a heart for serving others.  And, here’s the thing:  she always serves with nary a thought in the world to a payback.  It’s exactly how Jesus wanted it done, and I TRY to be like that… I do.  But the honest truth is, sometimes this thought just creeps into my head of, “Yeah… remember that time you were down on your luck, and I brought you a homemade dinner, and now… well… FORTY-EIGHT HOURS OF NAUSEA AND MY FAMILY HAD TO EAT PIZZA!”  It’s because my heart is still filled with too much sin, even though I try to pray it right out of myself.

So if you see my mom driving around town today, DO honk your horns a few times and shout, “Happy birthday” out your car windows.

And y’all have a lovely Wednesday evening.  I’m going to bed early, because I am still shaky from forty-eight hours spent holding the hand of Stomach Flu ’15, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to wake up tomorrow morning being awesome.

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