Lucky Charms Is The New Flour

There has been a new development at the Jedi Manor.

Last night, Thing 2 learned to say, “Hey, Mommy?  Watch me do THIS trick!”  Hubs and I have heard this comment no fewer than twelve thousand and six more times in the past twenty-four hours.  The risk factor in this, is that when Thing 2 asks us to watch THIS trick, he means it.  It’s going to be a circus-worthy performance that will provide audience-goers with enough shock and awe to last them for the rest of the year.

“Hey, Mommy?  Watch me do THIS trick!”  And he jumps off a bar stool.  I was a little freaked out that he was going to break his ankle, but, y’all!  My moment of Mom Pride came in the fact that HELLO!  HE TOTALLY STUCK THE LANDING!  Mary Lou Retton only wished she could land like our toddler did last night.

“Hey, Mommy?  Watch me do THIS trick!”  And suddenly he’s STANDING on his Sit-‘N-Spin, whirling in an upright position faster than any fighter jet from Top Gun has ever gone.

“Hey, Mommy?  Watch me do THIS trick!”  And there he is, attempting to somersault off the sofa, like he’s loading himself into a brightly-painted cannon, with a clown standing behind him, ready to light the fuse.

I imagine that my hair appointments are going to have to be spaced much closer together now, because OH, GRAY!  YOU SEEM TO SHOW UP BECAUSE OF THIS CHILD.

Today, the tractor trailers hauled Lucky Charms.

(Oh, go ahead and judge.  I buy the Lucky Charms because the boys EAT the Lucky Charms, but when I dish out $14 for a box of cereal that’s packed with 729 vitamins and tree bark, and sweetened with beet juice, it sits in my pantry and collects dust.)

And then… when the tractor was done hauling the cereal of leprechauns, it dumped it all onto the coffee table, which was apparently the designated area for THRESHING ROOM.  There was some pounding and some beating going on, until we had dust.

(Dust, minus the marshmallows, because apparently those don’t thresh well.  Thing 2 ate every last marshmallow he could find.)

The road grader saw some action today, too.  Apparently the Charms Dust needed to be moved around a bit.

IMG_1764 IMG_1765 IMG_1768 IMG_1769And then the grader broke down, so Thing 2 fixed it with a hammer.  This involved him pounding on the underside of the machine, until he declared, “There!  It’s working now!”

And then he used the hammer to beat the rest of the whole Charms into microscopic particles.

IMG_1771 IMG_1773I’m pretty sure I overheard the toddler tell his daddy tonight, “I’m not saying that I took things too far today, but Mommy was sitting on the kitchen floor, eating a carton of ice cream with her bare hands, while she kind of rocked back and forth a little bit.”

And then he yelled, “Hey, Daddy?  Watch me do THIS trick!”

Y’all have a happy Wednesday evening.  If you need us, we’re just over here at our house, running the vacuum cleaner on high.

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