That Time MaMaw Pushed Her Phone To Really See What It Could Do


This is the blog post where all I really do is CHECK IN with y’all, to let you know that… yep!  Totally a pulse going on here at Jedi Mama, Incorporated!  It’s because it’s been one of those days…. in a good way… and… well… it’s after 8:00 already, and MaMaw is just now sitting down at the computer, when she should’ve already slammed back her nightly Metamucil cocktail, cranked the thermostat to INCINERATE, and gone to bed.

Except I never turn the heat up at night, because — contrary to my doctor’s beliefs — I’m fairly certain that MY TIME HAS COME, during which estrogen wages war upon me, and all I really want to do is sit in the deep-freeze, in my bikini, at night.  It’s because I’m always hot.  [Feel free to add your own comment of, “Smokin’ hot!” right there.]  And at night I want the windows open, and I want the breeze coming in, and I want the ceiling fan spinning on high to generate MORE BREEZE, and an old box fan set to HIGH in the corner of the room would just be the cherry on top.  My only problem with making all of this BREEZINESS a sweet reality is HUBS.  Because PaPaw likes to have the covers pulled clear up to his chin now at night.  He also likes to pre-warm the bed with an electric blanket, until there’s steam rising from the comforter, and ALL THE BREEZES DRY HIS EYES OUT.

Never mind that his eyes are supposed to be CLOSED at night.  I still haven’t figured that one out, but arguing with him just makes me want to tap my own head against a brick wall kind of hard.

But, it’s been a good day, because SPRING WEATHER, Y’ALL.  And Small Town isn’t a spot on any map that ever has spring temperatures in February, so we feel a bit spoiled here.  For the majority of today, I threw the deck doors wide, and I just let Thing 2 play out there to his little heart’s content.  What his little heart was most content with was taking the VERY WET FEBRUARY DIRT out of my giant flower pots, because his tractor needed a hauling job.

My deck is now covered in mud.

And I swept the hardwood floors in my dining room and kitchen four entire times today, to get all the wet dirt up that was tracked in, over and over and OV-AH.

We also BOTH have mud under our fingernails tonight, because… yes.  I had to drive the John Deere and say things like, “He’s loading dirt now!”  (Apparently it’s always a good thing to announce when you’re about to drop the bucket on the front-end loader and fill ‘er up.)

Plus, in between all the dirt that used to be in the planter on the deck, but which isn’t now, I had to participate in LAUNDRY DAY… I had to make a casserole for dinner… my friend, Amy, came over for a fun afternoon of WE TALKED ABOUT GROWNUP THINGS AND NEITHER OF US REFERENCED THE WALLYKAZAM CARTOON IN A SENTENCE AT ALL… and I did my level best to figure Instagram out, because guess who has an account now for all those hazy, square pictures?  Someone pushed the throttle down on her iPhone to see what the little beast was really capable of.

MaMaw’s so proud of herself for getting involved in the new social technology, like all the teenagers do.

And now, if you’ll excuse her, she needs to go stir some fiber into a glass of water and pretend it’s a fine wine to end the evening with.

Y’all carry on and have a lovely Monday.

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