A Couple Of Videos For The Easter Holiday

So, if you haven’t already heard, Easter is this weekend.  It means that YES, you still have a little time to run out and get a few things put together for the kids’ Easter baskets.  My prayer for you is that yours will be a Peeps-free Easter, because PEEPS!!  Has there ever been a worse food invention?  I think not.  I get the willies just looking at packages of yellow and pink Peeps bunnies.

And Easter also means… well… that Jesus is alive and doing just fine, because that tomb was plum empty.

I saw this video this week, and I think it does a pretty amazing job of telling a small story, without any words, in just over thirty seconds.

And then, if you have time for one more video to watch, our lovely friend, Deb, posted this video on her Facebook page.  Thing 2 and I have watched it approximately a dozen times, because it’s just THAT GOOD.  It’s one man, who sang the hymn The Old Rugged Cross in four parts, and then he put all four parts together.  (So technically, the answer is NO, if you think you’re going a bit crazy believing that all four guys look exactly alike.  It’s just one guy.  In four films.  Which were combined into one film.)

Happy Easter, everyone.  May it be blessed, and may the importance of this holiday reach down to your toes and seep into your soul.

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