Our Easter Weekend (The Abbreviated Version)

Well, our Easter was a lot of fun; it really was.  I just wish that it could’ve lasted longer, because our family had such a good time together, and then we were thrown back into reality when the alarm went off this morning, while it was still dark outside.  I had to get up and make bowls of oatmeal for breakfast and throw ham sandwiches together for lunch, when what I really wanted to do was take a cup of chai tea out on our deck and do nothing but SIT.

(I’m consoling myself with the small fact that I only have sixteen more days to teach PE before I’m throwing confetti everywhere and hollering, “SUMMER VACATION, Y’ALL!”)

(And you can bet that there’ll be a lot of early-morning deck sitting with mugs of tea then.)


(Also?  My paycheck reflects that I only teach two days a week.  It’s a WIN-SOME, LOSE-SOME kind of deal.)


We’re running out the door to soccer tonight, and no one’s had dinner, and I know that when we get home it’s going to be an entire heap of crazy.  There’ll be teeth to be brushed and someone’s bound to say, “Dang!  I forgot to do eighteen algebra problems that I had for homework.”  People are going to want to be fed, and the shortest one will need to be convinced that he really does need to go to bed NOW, and hopefully I’ll still have enough determination to fold that last load of laundry that’s currently sitting in my dryer.

It’s not all glamorous over here at our house, all the time.

So sometime this week, I’ll do a complete blog post that recaps our Easter weekend, but right now, I’ll leave you with this:

IMG_2501I made them sit together for an Easter morning picture, before we went to church.  The boy was less than thrilled, because he’s fourteen.  Apparently the Boy Code states that you must protest the camera every time it comes out after you become a teenager.

Thankfully, Thing 2 will still ham it up and yell CHEESE when I ask him to.

And really?  Are there any boys cuter than those two?  I’m going to be bold and say, “Nope.”  My heart loves them both so much.

And these next snapshots pretty much sum up our weekend, after we went to church and celebrated the Risen Jesus.

IMG_2630 IMG_2682Thing 2 wanted every single egg that he found for himself, himself, HIM!! SELF!!, while the boy wanted to skip the egg hunt entirely and hit ALL the pine cones and plastic eggs with his golf club.

And then a lot of us ate too many carbs, but I didn’t take any pictures of that.  There are just some events that you can’t UNSEE, once you’ve seen them.

Y’all have a good Monday evening.

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