The Car Wash

The Toddler:  “Please don’t let my personal desire to run and jump and slide outdoors in the sunshine get in the way of you lying on the sofa all day, with your bag of cough drops and your box of Kleenex and your fuzzy blanket and that little pot of Vicks that makes me gag whenever I smell it.”

The Mom:  “How about a compromise?  I’ll take a cup of hot tea and my cough drops to the deck, and you could play out there for a while.”

The Toddler:  “We could be at the park, but no!  The old gal sounds like she should be balancing a ball on her nose at Sea World, and she has me washing my trucks in a bucket of sudsy water at home, like I’m an under-appreciated day laborer or something…”

Twenty minutes later… after the sopping wet clothes were stripped off and the toddler was buck naked on the deck, as only toddlers can get away with…

The Toddler:  “Okay!  That was WICKED FUN!  When can we have a car wash like that again?!  When, Mom?  WHEN??!!  What else can I wash with this big yellow sponge?!”

Score another point for Team Mom, even though her team has been down with the plague.  That girl still has it, and she just moved up a notch closer to that coveted, golden, Mother of the Year ’15 trophy.  See you at the finish line, Other Mothers Who Don’t Host Car Washes On Your Decks!

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