That Time When We Were So Busy In May

I know.

I took a blogging break.

But, in my defense, December really has nothing on May, as far as BUSY goes.  Everyone thinks that it’s December and all the shopping and the wrapping and the party-attending and the empty checkbooks that’ll drive you straight to the mugs of laced eggnog for some stress drinking, but it’s really May.

(And instead of eggnog, it’s mimosas.  Or a nice sangria.  Because SPRING!)

May is full of spring concerts and spring soccer and spring Bible studies.  There are staff meetings at school and last pushes to JUST DO THIS ONE MORE FUN THING BEFORE SUMMER VACATION HITS WITH THE KIDS IN YOUR CLASS.  And then the yard starts growing and needs mowed, and the miniature trees growing in giant pots that flank either side of your front door up and die and require replacing.  And all those back episodes of Modern Family aren’t going to watch themselves, and then suddenly you realize that maybe you should shave the winter growth off your legs, because GROSS.

So that’s pretty much where we’ve been.

I’ll try to be better about blogging, but since we still have two and a half weeks of school left, I can’t make any real promises.

Happy Wednesday.  We’re off to Soccer Game Number Three Hundred and Six of the Season right now.  I’ll really TRY HARD to see y’all right here tomorrow evening.

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