My Thursday

I think THESE sum up my Thursday just fine…

pic4 copy Pic2

11403486_10155706435540343_2772434043078868232_nPic1And that probably explains why I was still in my pajamas at 2:30 this afternoon, and why our house still kind of looked like vagrants were squatting in a home that had been repossessed by the bank.

I’d like to say that everything is under control now.  Eventually, we picked up the HEALTHY, PROTEIN-HEAVY cookie with NOT-ALL-THAT-SWEET chocolate chips in it, that got thrown to the floor, because WHERE IS MY REGULAR SUGAR-LACED COOKIE THAT’S FULL OF FAT AND CRISCO?  And eventually, after FOUR TIMES, Thing 2 had pooped his last today.  And after we turned up our cute little nose at a piece of chicken breast and mangoes for lunch, we settled on a bag of Goldfish crackers, and I was all WHATEVER.  It’s summer vacation.  I loaded all the dirty dishes into the dishwasher and finally showered.  I threw some laundry into the washing machine.  I felt like I was getting my day on track, even though it was late afternoon, but see the above sentence containing the words WHATEVER.  IT’S SUMMER VACATION.

We took the tractors outside to play, where we shoveled a lot of dirt into buckets and hauled them around.  We dumped dirt into messy piles, and we recruited dump trucks to work for peanuts, and then my darling friend, Heather, texted me and asked, “Do you and Thing 2 want to join us at the park?”


Yes.  Yes, we did.  Thing 2 and Heather’s toddler, Vivi, filled buckets with gravel and poured the gravel down the slides.  They poured the gravel on each other’s heads.  They fished the gravel out of their sandals.  They ran and jumped and hopped; they swung the swings and slid the slides, and hollered, “Mine!  Mine!  Mine!” over the miniature beach shovels twelve thousand times.

Suddenly our mood was entirely better, because heavy machinery in the mud and your good friend at the park will do that.  The whole incident of throwing the healthy, protein-laced cookie Mama gave you on the floor has been forgotten, and then Mama eventually starts to laugh over the fact that you poured Rice Krispies all over the pantry floor and danced in them.

Y’all have a merry little weekend.

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