One Fine Catch

These two!

image2 IMG_4199They act more like they’re brother and sister, rather than cousins, as they argue back and forth with one another constantly.  Little H likes to hold up her index finger and put her Bossy Voice on, as she gives Thing 2 a good talking-down and let’s him know THE RULES!  YOU CANNOT BREAK THE RULES!  In true Jack-Sparrow-The-Pirate fashion, Thing 2 simply responds by letting her know that rules are really “more of a guideline,” with a lot of gray areas, than something that needs to be followed precisely.

And then he usually pinches her a good one.

But on Tuesday of this week, I caught them both playing like the very best of friends after we had all picnicked together, as they dug in the dirt for treasure.  She was looking for treasured sparkly jewels… he thought they might find the treasure of a vintage John Deere tractor buried next to the creek.  While they were laughing and digging and carrying on like haloed angels, I had them sit together on a tree stump and smile at my iPhone.

They’re both such a blessing to us…

… even when THIS happens at the dinner table:

image1He’s one hot catch, Mamas, so if you have a toddler daughter, and you’d like our family to consider her for marriage, please gather your donkeys and your oxen and all of your gold.  We’ll talk.  And the good thing is that his future wife is NEVER going to need to cook for him, because he DOESN’T ACTUALLY EAT.


Don’t let the McDonald’s Happy Meal fool you.  He ate two bites off that cheeseburger, when I threatened to tear him up if he didn’t eat some lunch, and then he ate the apples and drank the apple juice.  At that point, lunch was OV-AH.  The end.

No, he’s not really a fan of food, but he’ll probably spend all of his family’s money and smack them straight into the poorhouse by creating an enormous collection of full-sized John Deere tractors.

So, you know, take that into consideration before you get your goats and ruby rings and silver coins together.

And y’all have a merry weekend.

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