The Twins

When your boys are THISCLOSE to being fifteen and three years old, THIS never happens….

IMG_4968But when I saw that little shirt in a shopping mall in Thing 2’s size, I snagged it, because the boy already had that exact same shirt at home.

And this morning, I very casually… just like a cool cat… handed the boy his navy-and-yellow-striped polo shirt, because he had a golf lesson.  I told him that I’d just ironed it, which was the rock-solid truth.  He put it on… for golf…

… and then he came out of his bathroom and realized, much to his absolute I’M ALMOST FIFTEEN, MOM! horror, that his kid brother was dressed exactly like him.


And that is why I made them quickly pose for a snapshot.  It’s also why the boy said to me, “Just this once, Mom.  I’ll match Thing 2 today, but that’s it.  Never again.  I think people make fun of high school freshmen who are dressed like the nearby three-year-old.”

Oh, but they’re stinking cute when they’re dressed all matchy-matchy.  And this is only the third time in my history of parenting the Sons of Thunder that it’s happened…

IMG_2959 IMG_8407Y’all have a merry Tuesday night.

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