The World Record Holder For Shirt Stuffing

We are on day two of our Hard Core, Underwear-All-Day, No-Messing-Around-This-Time Potty Training Camp.

Do you want to know how it’s going?  I’d be happy to tell you.

At 7:30 this morning, I threw a pair of teeny undies in the garbage can, because what else can you do when the poop paste is six inches thick in them?  Nothing on Pinterest prepared me on how to clean up that mess.  It’s also the reason I did an online search today for military preschools that specialize in potty training with drill sergeants and boast the slogan, “They Don’t Come Back Home Until The Thomas The Train Underwear Stays Clean.”


I’d type more about our days of bawling on the toilet, while Mama insists that YOU WILL NOT ACTUALLY DIE IF YOU DROP A GROWLER IN THERE, but the trenches are too fresh.  I can’t talk about it right now without needing to sit down and fan myself, as I chant, “Nobody goes to kindergarten in his Pampers; nobody goes to kindergarten in his Pampers,” in some effort to calm myself.

But what I can share with you tonight are these videos of a little activity at our house that we like to call SHIRT STUFFING.  Don’t ask me WHY this has been happening for the past two days; boys are just weird, and Thing 2 proves it by attempting to reach the world record for the most diapers shoved into a single T-shirt.

Hubs and I may sign him up for sumo wrestling.

Y’all have a great Tuesday evening.  I’m hoping to dream tonight of a place where everyone poops exactly where they should poop, which is spelled TOILET.

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