There’s A New Praise Team Leader In Town

Last week, the boy and I helped with Vacation Bible School at our church every evening.

My job was one of those cushy jobs, where I sat at a table in our church foyer and welcomed kids in every night when they showed up.  I checked them off the attendance sheet and told them where to find their name tags.  I chatted with parents, laughed with friends, and discovered that I could be on any welcoming committee ever made, because I can WELCOME WITH FLAIR.

The boy was a crew leader.  That incoming freshman of ours got to have his own group of little kiddos this week.  He herded his group back and forth between singing and Bible stories, games and snacks.  He prayed with them, laughed with them, and came home at the end of the week exclaiming, “Mom!  I LOVED having a group of kids like that!”

Thing 2 wasn’t old enough to be a full-fledged VBS participant this year, because the age requirement is FOUR.  Although he’s only three, Thing 2 CONSTANTLY tells people that he’s four… all of the stinking time.  It was a little hard to convince him this week that he’s actually NOT four… and that three-year-olds had to stay in the nursery and play with toys while their mamas socialized in the foyer.

Hubs’ job was to collect Thing 2 from the church each night and take him home for his bedtime, because he’s too short to stay up past 8:00.

Every night when VBS was drawing to a close, all one-hundred-plus-several-more kids would meet in the sanctuary for singing from 8:00 to 8:15, before they went home.  The praise team would take the stage and lead the kids in song.  On Thursday night, Thing 2 stayed up LATE.  Hubs and I took him to the sanctuary to sing with all of the kiddos, and he showed us that he may be too young to be a VBS participant…

… but he’s NOT too young to lead that praise team like a boss.

Our toddler started at the back of the church, behind most of the kids, where he sang along with the songs he’d never heard before, and where he very quickly learned a lot of the hand motions that went along with the songs.  It didn’t take him very long to spot his buddy, Leah, at the front of the sanctuary, so he made a beeline right up to her.  In the video, she’s wearing the pink shirt, up front.  Thing 2 hung out with her for a bit, and then he turned around and faced the crowd.

The only real problem is that he didn’t STAY PUT with Leah.  While I was using my iPhone to record his oh-so-very-cute dancing, he zipped for the steps that lead to the stage, and I knew that THAT could only mean trouble.

I tried to catch him, y’all.  I dashed through the crowd as quickly as a mama can fly forward, but I missed him.

And that is why Thing 2 ended up on the stage, front and center, with our good friend, Abbey… the kindergarten teacher.  We’re hoping that in two years’ time, Abbey recovers enough from sharing the stage with such a born leader that she’ll be willing to take him on in her classroom and teach him to read chapter books.

(Don’t worry.  I’ll keep Abbey fully caffeinated with Starbucks drinks in the fall of 2017.  It’s the least I can do for her.)

At the end of this video, our boy dances his way to the right side of the stage, where I was fairly certain I could get my hands on him, before he disrupted the praise team any more than he already had.

I was sadly mistaken.

I never managed to catch my kid.  Instead, he managed to get his hands on a microphone that was on the floor on the right hand side of the stage, and boom!

Just like that, he was back, front and center, dancing with Abbey and Cousin L, and showing everyone that he’s destined to be a music pastor some day.

Of course, I probably should have just marched up on stage and hauled my three-year-old off, but listen:  I was too busy being overwhelmed by ALL!  THAT!  CUTENESS!

So I recorded him in all his praise team leading glory.

God kind of broke the mold after he created Thing 2; he’s remarkable.

And our family gives thanks constantly that we get to call him ours.

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