The Pumpkin Pile

I have to tell you that Thing 2 keeps things real for us around here.

Yesterday, the boy tried caviar and loved it, which means that our bank is going to be asking us, “Can you explain all these sudden expenses to the online caviar shipping site?  Because aren’t you guys POOR?”

Yes.  Yes, we are.

But I’ll tell you, we’re living like we’re anything BUT poor, because this morning I packed the boy’s lunch, as usual.  He’s convinced that he will die if he has to eat a tray of cafeteria food.  Since we’re living like we’re posh and very much classy around here, I just went ahead and packed the boy…  oh, you know!… some caviar and expensive crackers in his lunchbox.  Afterwards, I had one of the servants pick him up in the Rolls Royce and take him to his sailing lessons.

But back in the real world… after the boy had put away his little jar of $10 fish eggs last night… and after I’d already put my blog post up for the evening… Thing 2 asked if he could have a snack.

I gave him a little cup filled with bright orange Cheez-It crackers, because WHAT WAS I SAYING ABOUT US BEING VERY FANCY?  Cheez-Its are served at all the finest resorts in this great nation.  Somehow, while I was cleaning up the dinner dishes, Thing 2 snagged a paper sack out of our pantry, put all of his Cheez-Its inside of it, and then jumped up and down on it, over and over and over and over, until he was left with bright orange powder.

Then he came racing into the kitchen for a cup.

He poured his orange dust into the cup… and ate it all with a spoon, exactly like little Prince George probably does at Buckingham Palace.

Today, with all the salty fish eggs and cracker dust behind us, Hubs and I joined Thing 2 on his preschool’s field trip to the local pumpkin patch.

Except Thing 2 calls it the PUMPKIN PILE, so I shall never say the phrase PUMPKIN PATCH again.  Pile it is, for the rest of our family’s lives.

Our toddler was overwhelmed with joy when he realized that a real tractor was going to pull a wagon out to the pumpkin pile, and that we were all going to get to ride on that wagon.

And then we passed a combine on the way to the pile, and his day was complete.

IMG_6588We had a ball traipsing through the pumpkin pile with all of his little classmates and friends, and his preschool teachers, trying to decide which pumpkin was destined to become our family’s best fall piece of home decor.

Because, I won’t lie.  We may eat caviar around here, but I have no online, fall home tour to give to you of our house.  It’s because decorating for fall involves slapping a pumpkin onto our front patio.

BOOM!  Look at that lovely fall decor we have!

Taking the fall decorations down is usually pretty easy, too, but sometimes we wait until December to get that pumpkin pitched into the dumpster every year.

IMG_6587 IMG_6589 IMG_6592 IMG_6595 IMG_6599 IMG_6600 IMG_6601 IMG_6602 IMG_6608 IMG_6611 IMG_6613 IMG_6615 IMG_6631 IMG_6634Afterwards, the kids were served punch and cookies in the barn.  It’s always fun to sit with a pack three-year-olds, while they talk to one another over cookies at a table.

IMG_6643 IMG_6648 IMG_6650 IMG_6654Thing 2 brought home one good-sized pumpkin that could eventually be carved, if we have enough stamina in October to see that craft project through, and then he snagged two teeny-tiny pumpkins.  Those little guys were clutched all day long.  They went everywhere with us, from picking the boy up after school, to playing at the park with some of our close friends this afternoon.

And then we learned, the hard way, that when you use an itty-bitty pumpkin to bang the piano with, it splits in half, spills seeds and guts everywhere, and makes you bawl your head off.

Rest in peace, tiny pumpkin.  We sure enjoyed carrying you around all day.

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