Does This Face Tattoo Make Me Look Tougher?


… THIS happened late Friday afternoon…

image1Thing 2 came out of his bedroom and hollered, “Hey, everyone!  How do you like my face?”

I liked his face just fine, because I assumed that what I was looking at was a Crayola washable marker.

Heavy emphasis on the washable part.

What I was really looking at, though, was A RED SHARPIE MARKER.

Taken directly to the face.

How do I say this in English?  PERM-A-NENT.

So that’s how our preschooler spent the better part of HIS weekend… with a face tat that made him completely unemployable for jobs on the top level of the skyscrapers, with a giant, mahogany desk facing the windows and the beautiful view of the bay.

Thankfully, with persistent scrubbing, he’s looking like he can start interviewing for executive level jobs by tomorrow morning.

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