The End Of The Blogging Break

Apparently, I have been on a blogging break.

I have no excuse, because, while I was breaking from the blogging, I was also pretty much breaking from the laundry-doing. However… I will tell you that my eyes have a bit of a glaze, but BOOM!  The Christmas shopping is 96% done, thanks to this phenomenon known as ONLINE SHOPPING and AMAZON PRIME.

I also wrote our family’s annual Christmas letter while I wasn’t blogging, so the cards are about to be readied for all the mailing.  It’ll be another monkey that I can shake off my back.

And I hauled Thing 2 around to a couple of birthday parties while there was no blogging happening.

I listened to the preschool teacher tell me the story of how a big wrestling match shook down on the carpet during story time.  Hubs and I talked to Thing 2 about this, but all we could get out of him was, “That other boy needs to learn to wrestle, because I was totally winning him.”

I also showed the boy how to use the iron and ironing board while I was skipping out on blogging, but I don’t think the lesson really settled into his gray matter.  He’s at that point in his life where wrinkles aren’t really cool to have in your shirt, but ironing them out yourself isn’t all that cool either, so let’s just wear this ratty old T-shirt that covers a multitude of wadded-up-in-your-closet sins.

And… I vacuumed the entire house, which was irrelevant, because today our floors look like those in a medieval castle, covered in wheat kernels and rushes and the dirt of young knights who have been practicing their sword fighting in the great out of doors.

Oh.  And I made a giant pot of potato soup, which was downright delicious.  It was, in fact, the kind of dinner where I kind of high-fived myself and said, “Self, this is a soup worthy of some praise.”  Of course, that was right before the boy reminded me that he doesn’t eat potatoes AT ALL, and hasn’t eaten them since birth, and why do I hate him so much that I made an entire meal around the potato?  Thing 2 just shook his head in horror at the one-pot meal, too.  He tried to assure me that what I had made looked like it had been drudged up from the wetlands, and said that Lucky Charms was a much better one-pot dinner.

So, you know, both of the children that I have sat up all night with during puking storms let me know that they weren’t interested in the potato soup.

More for me.

And that, people, kind of brings us to today.  Happy Sunday.  I’ll see if I can’t be a touch better at blogging this week, but no promises.  It is, after all, December, and my big kitchen wall calendar already looks like thirty pens threw up on it, with all the BE HERE THENS and BE OVER HERE AFTER THATS.

Y’all have a blessed evening.

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