When The Hard WHY Is Finally Answered

The last few days have been very busy, but apparently that’s to be expected from someone who had her Christmas cards designed and printed at the end of October, and then waited until this very morning to stuff holiday letters into envelopes with the cards, lick them shut, slap labels on them, stick stamps on them, and haul them all to the post office.

The boy and I worked at our kitchen counter like a couple of day laborers in a sweat shop.  I sort of believe that… had that teenager not volunteered to help me, of his own free will and sweet spirit… our family’s Christmas cards would have become Groundhog Day cards.  You can bet that he got the desire of his heart after we dumped all of those envelopes off in the OUTGOING mail slot at the post office.  I took him straight to Taco Bell, where he ordered two gigantic burritos, because he’s fifteen and has no idea what people refer to when they say the words, “I’m so full.”


I could sit here and type a bunch of babbling words, because that’s about the state that my brain is in right now… OR… I could point you to a fantastic blog post that has the potential to give you goosebumps.  It’s just THAT good.

Or at least it was that good for me.  I may have even teared up while I read it.

Before you click the link, you need to know the back story, because my friend, Lori, wrote this post.

Lori and her husband (who is a pastor) have two boys; one is their biological child that Lori gave birth to, and the second son came into their family through adoption.  (Both of her children are so dadgum cute, you’ll want to pinch their cheeks and take them out for ice cream; I know it’s what I’d be doing, if she and I actually lived in the same town, but alas… She’s practically as far away from me as China is, so stealing her kids away for chocolate ice cream cones is kind of a difficult thing to get done.)

About a year ago, Lori and her husband had the opportunity LITERALLY THROWN AT THEM to adopt a bi-racial baby girl.  The baby’s birth mother was still pregnant, and she hand-picked Lori’s family to become her little girl’s family; she chose Lori to be her mother.  Now, when I say that this birth mother did the choosing, the honest truth is that GOD chose Lori’s family for this little girl, and the birth mother — who didn’t know God — just confirmed God’s plan by asking Lori and her husband, Troy, to take this little baby as their own when she arrived.

Troy and Lori and their boys realized that every door for this adoption was being flung open faster than they could keep up with.  Everything was falling into place as only things can do when God is pushing them from behind.

Their family put a nursery together; they bought pink clothes.  I know that Lori secretly started dreaming about Easter dresses and bonnets, because every mother of boys does that!  And then… their family named this baby Kate.

She was Kate before she was born.

And Kate had a home prepared for her.

The problem is… God never  intended for Kate to be born into any earthly home.  The home that was prepared for Kate was in Heaven.  You see, Kate’s birth mother went into labor a little earlier than expected, and Kate was delivered, stillborn.

Kate never took a breath here on earth.

And that is when Lori asked WHY?  Why had God pushed them forward with this adoption in a total whirlwind of revealed miracles, when He never had any plans for Kate to live in Troy and Lori’s home, as their daughter here on earth?  Why had God caused excitement and a deep love for this unborn child to bubble up and burst forth in the hearts of their family members, when He knew that none of them would hold her, with life in her body?  Troy and Lori were prepared to bring a baby girl home from the hospital when she was born, and to listen to her giggle as she grew; they never planned to make an emergency trip to that hospital to hold their little girl as a stillborn baby.

Months after Kate’s birth… months after Troy and Lori flew to another state to bury their infant daughter… months after Lori has sobbed her heart out over the loss of this child that she only knew in her heart… months after their two boys have cried at night for the loss of this sister… God revealed the WHY.

And it’s the stuff of goosebumps.

So, with that being said, you can read the reason that God took Kate away so unexpectedly, in Lori’s own words, by clicking RIGHT HERE.  The spoiler is that it all has to do with salvation, which is what God is kind of big on.

Y’all have a merry Monday evening.

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