Sledding Over New Year’s Weekend


… Happy New Year!

We had a few families over to our house who own preschoolers on New Year’s Eve.  There was dirt-cheap pizza and salad and wine and sparkling grape juice.  There was a cacophony of noise, noise, NOISE, as the children ran through our house, squealing with the joy of being together.  There were a few tears when Thing 2 swung a foam baseball bat indoors and accidentally connected with a friend instead of the foam ball.  There was laughter, hugs, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and a time when we gathered all the young ‘uns around our dining room table and pulled out the Play Doh, where everyone made blue tacos and green pancakes and orange birthday cakes.

The moms may have even made blue tacos, green pancakes and orange birthday cakes.

The big kids were a bit more dignified, as they all hung out in our family room, where they played pool and talked about important things, like… “Did you get your geometry homework done over break yet?”  I assume they talked about other things, too, because the laughter coming from our family room was hysterical, and geometry, last time I checked, is.  not.  funny.

The dads all hung out in the kitchen together, eating JUST ONE MORE SLICE of pizza.  I think their conversations all centered around football and hockey statistics.  Riveting, I know.

And then, because PRESCHOOLERS… everyone went home before 10:00.

Ten o’clock is very late for the preschool crowd.

It’s also very late for some of the grownups, but we won’t name any names and make her feel singled out.

We bid everyone a happy new year; we hugged and gave away leftover pizza, which no one wanted to take, because of NEW YEAR’S DAY and I’M NOT GOING TO EAT ANYTHING UNHEALTHY IN 2016.

Thing 2 was passed out cold by 10:10 on New Year’s Eve, and I’d already taken a melatonin tablet and put my pajamas on at 10:15.

I think the phrase you’re looking for is PARTY ANIMAL.

So, Hubs and I rang the new year in on Friday morning, when we woke up, feeling a bit refreshed, because Thing 2 slept until 7 AM.

I know, right?!!  7 AM!

It might as well have been lunchtime, as he stumbled out of bed in a haze and said, “Good grief!  I’ve slept half my day away already!”

The rest of our first weekend of 2016 was spent hanging out in our pajamas, with our hair unwashed, but listen to this:  I TOTALLY CLEANED OUT OUR SILVERWARE DRAWER, with the accountability of four friends, who have decided to organize their houses in JUST 15 MINUTES A DAY, too.

And after that, I cleaned off all of my kitchen counters on January 2nd.

And today I organized our utensil drawer, which looked like a family of rats had packed it.

So… you know… I’m totally winning at this TIDY UP THE HOUSE business.

And then, in the midst of all that kitchen reorganization, I put on a pair of jeans and washed my hair, and Hubs and I took Thing 2 sledding.

The boy had already ventured off to a friend’s New Year’s party, where they played some sort of Hunger Games and ate junk food.  In other words, it was a teenager’s dream party.

12473911_10206603604223580_8587165496933606129_oDo you know how you pray that your boy will wind up with good, solid, great-hearted kids for friends?  This would pretty much be that group.  They’re fun kids, who are filled with Jesus and joy and the love of their families, and they’re a blast to hang out with.

While the boy was off partying, we went sledding without him.

We met up with our friends, Tyler and Heather, and their little peanut, Vivi.  Vivi is one of Thing 2’s very best friends, and the two of them shredded the hill.  I didn’t keep an accurate count, but my best guess is that Thing 2 whipped down the slopes on a sled approximately 240,000 times and hiked up the hill with a sled being pulled or carried behind him 240,001 times.

And then we took our physically exhausted preschooler home, with his eyes glazed over in his car seat.  He kept whispering, “Man… I’m really tired…”

The little people had a blast, and I had a blast just watching them have so much fun together.  I may have taken a FEW pictures…

IMG_7829 IMG_7830 IMG_7831 IMG_7839 IMG_7842 IMG_7844 IMG_7846 IMG_7852 IMG_7856 IMG_7859 IMG_7861 IMG_7867 IMG_7869 IMG_7872 IMG_7874 IMG_7876 IMG_7877 IMG_7878 IMG_7884 IMG_7889 IMG_7890 IMG_7892 IMG_7895 IMG_7896 IMG_7897 IMG_7899 IMG_7902 IMG_7903 IMG_7904 IMG_7906 IMG_7939 IMG_7941 IMG_7943 IMG_7948 IMG_7957 IMG_7965 IMG_7966 IMG_7960 IMG_7985 IMG_7988 IMG_7990 IMG_7997 IMG_8000 IMG_7980 IMG_8002 IMG_8009 IMG_8016 IMG_8017 IMG_8027 IMG_8045 IMG_8055That night, Thing 2 was passed out cold at 7:20…

… and he slept until 6:50 the next morning.

I AM SINGING THE PRAISES OF AFTERNOONS SPENT SLEDDING!!!  Any day that brings so much fun that OUR small boy sleeps for eleven and a half hours is a day to be celebrated.

Welcome to 2016, everyone.  Have a great Sunday evening.


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