The Rollerblade Star

Well, Small Town’s weather showed up and showed OFF for the first day of Spring.  We had one of those simply gorgeous, usually-unheard-of-in-this-part-of-the-Lower-Forty-Eight-in-March sort of days, where the sky is blue and the mercury slowly rises to sixty-five, and nobody thinks about wearing a jacket.

Welcome, Spring!  We have missed you!

To celebrate the beautiful weather, I made a list that was so long and detailed, it could have been spiral-bound and labeled as a manual, as it graphically detailed every chore that needed to be done at home today.  Chores like mopping floors and scrubbing bathroom sinks and cleaning the front of the stainless steel refrigerator to rid it of so many little handprints, it looked like a daycare happened here.  We also needed to clean up the crime scene in the microwave, where red sauce exploded and cheese had been nuked so many times, wisps of it had turned black and resembled charcoal.

Don’t judge us.

Hubs and the boy and I worked like Cinderella around here after church, and then we went to the ball.

Except, there was no ball to go to, so we simply got ourselves outside, in all the sunshine.  Our Vitamin D levels clapped enthusiastically for us, as we felt them multiply with great joy and abandon.

And that, people, is when Thing 2 picked up a new skill.

IMG_8804 Yes.  It’s true.  Without the use of a helmet or elbow pads, because his mother didn’t think to bring any body armor along to the playground with us, Thing 2 pretty much nailed rollerblading this afternoon.

He started out slowly, clutching hands at first.  Big brothers with strong backs are very good at handling Beginning Preschool Rollerblade Lessons.

(Also?  Go ahead and say it out loud.  Those are THE TWO VERY CUTEST boys in all the kingdom.)

IMG_8796His good buddy, Leah, brought her bike along and joined us.  What warmed my heart thoroughly was that Leah CLAPPED and APPLAUDED, with gusto and sincere joy, for Thing 2’s accomplishments on his skates.  She encouraged our little man the entire time.

IMG_8817And then that loving little girl took my little boy’s hand, while she was on her bicycle, and she let him know that she was right there, if he needed any help.

IMG_8820Never mind that Thing 2, at forty-one pounds, weighs more than she does, and she’s a first grader.  Had he wiped out on the pavement, that lead anchor would have hauled her teeny self right along with him.

Eventually, with some gained confidence, Thing 2 just… TOOK… OFF!

IMG_8806 IMG_8813 IMG_8826 IMG_8831 IMG_8808 IMG_8833 IMG_8836He even braved the concrete curbs, as his mama shouted out, “Be so very careful, Thing 2!  We haven’t bought a helmet yet!”

IMG_8837Leah played the role of Pace Car for our boy.  She kept shouting words of encouragement to him over her shoulder.

IMG_8797 IMG_8850 IMG_8843 IMG_8853 IMG_8852I think he’s more than ready for the roller derby now.  It just goes to show you… when you have people in your corner who clap and cheer for you, and shower you with love, you can pull off almost anything.

Happy Sunday evening, everyone!  It’s Spring!!

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