Our Rock Star

Thing 2 is shy and quiet and very reserved.

He also has extreme stage fright, where he freezes in the spotlight and is unable to even hum the song he was meant to sing.

giphyHas everyone who knows our small boy recovered from their laughter yet?

Because the honest truth is that Thing 2 is exactly the opposite of that description up there.  Thing 2 is loud.  He’s very loud.  He knows no strangers.  He talks to everyone he meets.  He lacks an indoor voice.  He has more rhythm than an entire college dance team.

And when it comes to the opportunity to be on stage, Thing 2 plunges forward and puts on a sold-out show, that leaves his audience knowing that the ticket prices were worth every penny.

On Sunday afternoon, that little man managed to get onto the small stage in our church’s youth room.  He had some songs that he’d learned in his Sunday school class inside of him, and they were pounding at the door of his heart to be released.

A performer’s gotta perform, y’all.

My most favorite part of this little video is that Thing 2 belts out his precious songs to Jesus, and then… without even batting an eye… he thanks the clapping crowd for their applause and immediately announces that his next number will be AC/DC’s song, Rock or Bust.

In other words, he moves straight from contemporary Christian praise songs, straight into classic, hard rock.

Don’t judge; he welcomes all musical genres on his stage.

My other favorite thing about this video is that apparently our boy lays things at the “thief of Jesus,” instead of at the “feet of Jesus.”  We’ll work on fixing that one.


Y’all have a good Wednesday night.

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