When The Preacher Gets His Moves On

Sometimes, we say our Bible verses for our parents, which we’ve learned in Sunday School.

And then other times? Well, that’s when we get our jam on to AC/DC and rock out with the guitar, exactly like Angus Young would’ve done. We nail the guitar movements, the hip shakes, the stage jumps, and the snarls on our faces. In other words, we’re on the road to becoming a legitimate rock star, with our name painted in enormous letters on the side of a bus. Tour time, y’all, and Mama’s gonna work the merch tables.

I believe that we’re what you might call DIVERSIFIED. And clearly, we’ve been on the stage too long with the giant speakers blasting behind us, because “I CAN’T HEAR IT!” I’m sure our audiologist won’t approve of this at all.

Have a happy Wednesday night.

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