My Summer Break Has Begun

Welcome, Summer Vacation!

I guess I shouldn’t say that too loudly, because the boy still has two days of school left, but Thing 2 has wrapped up preschool for the year, and I have officially taught my last PE class of the year, so yes…

… Summer Vacation has arrived for some of us.  Given that I just typed “sum of us,” I think perhaps I should consider a summer course dedicated to the review of the English language for myself.  Thankfully, men who were gifted with incredible knowledge invented the backspace key for us.

The poor boy still has two days of final exams, and then his freshman year will be complete.  I have very bittersweet emotions about this.  On the one hand, I get a three-month break from packing cold lunches in the morning that consist of more than a few salad croutons and a string cheese; on the other hand, we’re looking straight down the barrel of JUST.  THREE.  MORE.  YEARS.  left of high school.  Do y’all know how quickly three years can fly by when you’re a mother who is already emotional about graduation?  I told the boy that I’m planning to homeschool him for college, and he had the audacity to laugh.  Apparently, he thinks he’s earned the right to “the college experience,” where he lives in a filthy dorm room, never makes his bed, stays up until 4 AM, and cooks Ramen noodles on an illegal hot plate in the middle of the night.


On an entirely different note, I came home from school today, heaving an enormous sigh because I have just finished my twentieth year at the little private school where I teach.

Twenty entire years.

That’s a lifetime, y’all.  I started working at this little school the year Phil Donahue retired from hosting his talk show.  Denim overalls were all the rage that year, because apparently we had bottomed out in the world of fashion, and I was determined to own multiple pairs.  That year, every single kid at our little school was feeding a digital pet on a Tomagotchi, while Hubs couldn’t quit laughing over Happy Gilmore.

It seems like AGES ago, and yet it seems like just yesterday, too.

That’s pretty much why I am fully aware that three years are going to slide by like a greased piglet in a fair arena, and then y’all are gonna have to put up with me being a sobbing wreck because GRADUATION.

But… I am always excited to see summer break start.  I make lists of everything that I’m going to get done over the summer, from gutting the basement and finally cleaning it, to attacking everyone’s closet here at home, and getting rid of thirty garbage bags full of debris.

And then I go back to school at the end of August, every single year, realizing that I never crossed anything OFF of that master list.  It’s why I’m not even making a list this summer.  This has officially become the summer that I MAY clean the basement… and I MAY clean the closets… but I also might sit on the steps of our deck and watch Thing 2 push tractors around in the dirt all day, too.

And I might teach the boy how to do his own laundry.

But possibly not.

It’s a summer full of possibilities, people, and I’m fully embracing it.

Y’all have a happy Wednesday evening.


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