The Truth About Lunches In the Homestretch


13307261_10154273104278573_4397179660633924510_nThis is such a real thing, because last night I looked in our refrigerator and announced to the boy, “I can make you a lunch with a banana and a bag of frozen peas, or I can bring pizzas up to the high school for you to share with all your buddies.”

I don’t even have to tell you which option the boy chose.

We referred to it as the “End Of The School Year Celebration To Get You Through Afternoon Finals” lunch, instead of the “Mama’s Got Zero Ambition To Get Her Act Together Enough To Create Real Lunches On June Second” lunch.


Well, I am so high in Mom Points right now, after delivering three hot pizzas to the school office for my boy to pick up at lunchtime today, I’ve pulled ahead in the race for Mother of the Year, ’16 by sixteen miles.

Happy LAST DAY OF SCHOOL TOMORROW to all y’all.  Unless tomorrow isn’t your last day of school, to which I will say, “I hope y’all are already OUT of school then, because this GOING TO SCHOOL IN JUNE thing is ridiculous.”

Have a great weekend.

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