Back To School, 2016

I’m not going to lie.

I taught back-to-back PE classes all day today, and this was me when I walked in our front door this afternoon:

46609ef00429396f53ddd310a3659dccIt was 100 even degrees in Small Town today, because OF COURSE IT WAS.  Since my gym is basically a giant, wooden box, it heated up nicely to the temperature of FIRE.  Thankfully, there were hot dogs for us to grill for dinner tonight, so meal planning was the easiest part of my day.

But my boys?

Sweet mercy!  They both ROCKED their first days!

The boy started his sophomore year of high school today, which seems impossible, because I distinctly remember when I was a sophomore, and I don’t really feel any older than that inside my brain.  I wore an Izod polo, in navy blue, on the first day of the 10th grade,with the collar flipped up.

I have no idea how I can remember what I wore the first day of school in 1985 and yet still forget to buy a box of garbage bags at the grocery store, when we are COMPLETELY OUT OF THEM at home, but there it is.  It’s how I roll.

The boy had a great first day.  He’s looking forward to his advanced chemistry class.  All I have to say about that is he might not be my child.  I think I cried my entire way through chemistry back in the ’80s.

IMG_2321 IMG_2327 IMG_2342Thing 2’s teacher, Miss Kayla, reported that he had a PICTURE PERFECT day of preschool this morning.  She said he was eager to help new friends who didn’t know the classroom routines, because he’s an old pro at it, seeing as how he did preschool with her last year.  Last year, though, he just went to school two mornings each week, and this year we’re registered for ALL FIVE DAYS!  Be still, my heart!  I don’t know if MAMA is ready for her baby to go all five days, but HER BABY is ready.  He’s a four-year-old who hangs out with sixteen-year-olds, and thinks he’s a teenager himself.  The kid is plum, dadgum excited to be going to REAL SCHOOL (all week long), exactly like his big brother does.


We’re off to be successful at our early bedtime routine again tonight!  Don’t judge us.  I have every intention of having Thing 2 asleep before 7:15, and I’m gonna be in bed before 7:30.

Cheers to a great first day, for all of us.

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