Our Boys And All Their Teeth

Clear back in June, when summer was fresh and there were no school supplies being pushed at Walmart, Thing 2 had a dentist appointment.  He got his teeth cleaned, and he had X-rays, and he earned himself a new toothbrush and a giant balloon that he popped four minutes after we got home.

But… before the balloon-popping happened… the dentist came to visit with me.  He said, “Thing 2 has the mouth of a kindergartner.”

I won’t lie.  The adrenaline sort of shot through all of my limbs and nearly exploded the top of my head off in horrid EMBARRASSMENT, because I THOUGHT that beloved pediatric dentist was going to finish his sentence by saying, “Thing 2 has the mouth of a sailor.”

Bless our younger son and his ability to throw down some smack talk.

Apparently, Little Man already has permanent teeth that are pushing against the baby teeth, which have caused the roots of the baby teeth to dissolve, in preparation for them to fall out.  I was shocked.  Our boy is only four years old.  The dentist told me that this sometimes happens… that it’s not unheard of for preschoolers to start dropping their baby teeth and having those giant, adult teeth come right in.

That dentist told us, “Expect to lose a tooth… or two… this summer!”

This summer?!

I went home in denial.  Suddenly, those baby teeth were so precious!  I wasn’t emotionally ready for them to fall out and mark our move into being a big kid.  We kept plugging through the weeks of summer, hanging on tightly to those little tiny teeth, until two nights ago, when Thing 2 yelled from his bedroom, “MY TEETH WIGGLE!!”

And there, like a slap across the face, was the grim reality that the baby of our family is growing up.  I gently wiggled those front teeth, and yes… they were very, VERY wiggly.  Wiggly enough that the Tooth Fairy was probably in her miniature castle, polishing her coins and flexing her wings, in anticipation of braving the mean cat at our house.

So, I did what any mama with a camera would do.

I took Thing 2 out for a little photo shoot, before those baby teeth are gone.  And, because the boy was awake at 9:00 in the morning and getting ready to head to work at 10:00, I told him, “Get in the Suburban!  You’re having your pictures taken, too!”

THAT was met with a grim stare of, “Seriously, Ma?  SERIOUSLY?!”

Teenage boys are ridiculous when it comes to taking pictures, but I’ve found that bribing them with Taco Bell treats works wonders.  Thing 2 accepts bribes of bubble gum.

With the bribes in place, we were in business for a quick photo shoot to capture those baby teeth one more time.  I know I’m biased, because… well… these boys are MINE… but I THINK these snapshots turned out STINKING CUTE.

Like… stinking, STINKING cute!

IMG_1788 IMG_1798 IMG_1800 IMG_1809 IMG_1810 IMG_1813 (1) IMG_1817 IMG_1821 IMG_1824 IMG_1831 (1) IMG_1833 IMG_1841 IMG_1846 IMG_1853 IMG_1854 IMG_1857 IMG_1863 IMG_1868 IMG_1872 IMG_1876 (1) IMG_1878 IMG_1880 IMG_1882 IMG_1887 IMG_1895 IMG_1897 IMG_1898 IMG_1910 IMG_1915 IMG_1919 IMG_1926 IMG_1940 IMG_1941 IMG_1942 IMG_1950 IMG_1961 IMG_1964 IMG_1985 IMG_1991 IMG_2000 IMG_2004 IMG_2007

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  1. I love, love, love reading your blog! This is what I do when I’m suppose to be working but just can’t muster up what it takes to get going. You are an amazing writer and paint such a great picture of what happens in your world with a great twist of humor. Thank you for sharing a bit of your family!

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