Our Four Year Old Littles


These are our precious Littles.

She’s three months older than he is.  It’s well known that she bosses him around.

A lot.

He’s twice as strong as she is.  He’s famous for flattening her.

Quite often.

And yet… and the end of the day… these two little cousins are really best friends.  They’ve cheered for one another, clapped for one another, screamed together on carnival rides, laughed hysterically together over inside jokes that no one else understands, shared cookies, mac and cheese and secrets, and picked each other up when they’ve fallen down.

A couple of weeks ago, he wiped out at the park.  It had everything to do with the fact that he was running too fast, climbing too high, and just being entirely too dangerous, which is pretty much how Thing 2 lives life.  H was at his side the second he fell.  She grabbed his arm and yanked him back up, without missing a beat or even stooping to ask him if he thought maybe his neck might be broken and should she call an ambulance before they risked moving him.  Then she bent down to wipe the playground bark off of his knees. 

She bent down…

… and she used her little four-year-old hand with her adorable, pudgy, four-year-old fingers…

… and she wiped the playground bark off of his cute little knees.

She wiped and wiped at that bark and told him, “You’re okay.  You’re going to be just fine.”  He followed that up with a quick bear hug for her, which was a bit too tight and squeezy and caused her to gasp for breath, but that’s how he rolls.

I nearly died from the tenderness of it all.

I cannot imagine Thing 2 going through life without Cousin H right by his side.  They were both born in different towns in our state, miles and miles and MILES apart.  They were born to birth moms who will never know one another in life.  Those two birth mothers live on opposite sides of our state, and they’re in different age brackets.  Had things gone differently… had the Littles remained with their birth mothers… they would have grown up without meeting one another.


But God’s plan was not only that they would MEET… but that these two children would be brought to the same family… to be adopted and raised together as cousins.  God brought two little babies, from two different geographical locations, and He put them together.

They ARE cousins.

Biology doesn’t make you family.  Having someone love you unconditionally… and bend down to pick you up and brush you off when you fall is what makes you family.

Bear hugs that leave you breathless are the icing on top.


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