Conversations With The Preschooler

Just some random conversations we’ve had at our house in the past week…

img_1643THING 2 (after he was pulled aside for plowing over kids in a game of tag during youth group at our church):  “But I’m a Teenage Mutant Minjan Turtle.  (Yes.  He said, Minjan.  Roll with it.).  I’m just fighting like they do!”

ME:  “We don’t behave like Minjan Turtles (Because I can’t call them anything else now.) at CHURCH.  For the love!  We don’t knock kids down AT CHURCH!!  (Because apparently I’m totally down with knocking kids over elsewhere, so long as it doesn’t happen in the house of the Lord.)

THING 2:  “Well… I’m not a coward, Mom!  I’m NOT a coward!  (Yelling loudly now.)  I FIGHT WITH HONOR!!!!”

ME:  (Shakes head silently and mentally does the math to see how many years it’ll be before he can join the Marines.)

img_1651THING 2:  “Mom, I have a girlfriend now.  I’m probably gonna get married to her.”

ME:  “Oh, my goodness, Thing 2!  WHO are you going to marry??!!”

THING 2:  “Leah.”  (This is his second-grade friend, who is so cute, it hurts me.)

ME:  “Leah?  Well… she’s a little older, but I love her.  What are you going to do with Vivian June?”  (Vivi is on the very brink of turning four; she’s one of Thing 2’s BFFs.)

THING 2:  “Mom, Leah already knows how to read.  I can’t read yet, and neither can Vivian June.  I think my wife should know how to do that.”

img_1653THING 2:  “Oh, my gosh, Mom!  You’ve been gone FOREVER!!”  (He said this yesterday, as he welcomed me back home.  I’d been gone all day… for a Girl’s Day… hanging out with a pack of my girlfriends and watching a Beth Moore simulcast.)

ME:  “Well, I’m back now, and it was just six hours!”

THING 2:  “I’m glad you’re back.  I was getting so tired of just having a dad and not having a mom any more.”

Y’all have a good Sunday evening.

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