Just A Quick Note

Well, I’d write a thousand words tonight, but listen:  It’s been one of those really full days, that included doing the preschool drop-off this morning, getting a gigantic load of groceries, making a big pot of homemade soup and running the washing machine at a speed that would put a NASCAR race to shame.

Basically, everything that I hoped to accomplish this week was done TODAY.

And now I really want to tuck myself under a fuzzy blanket, because RAIN RAIN RAIN and also HIGH OF FORTY-EIGHT DEGREES, so I’ll just leave you with this.

It sums up my entire life right now.

fc671db899f5cb446948d13451069ce0THAT is how we roll around our house these days.  I want to invite Calvin’s mom out for a cup of coffee.

Or maybe even a glass of wine.

I’m fairly certain she and I would be best friends.

Y’all have a great Monday night.

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