Hello! It’s Me!

I know, right?

It’s almost like nobody even works here, at the office of Jedi Mama, Incorporated, any more.  The mail is piling up on the desk, the mini-fridge needs cleaned out, because someone left a tuna fish sandwich in there, and y’all know how UNPRETTY that has got to smell, and the blog posts have gone unwritten.

The only defense I can plead is ALL THE BUSY.  I feel like the jury is going to see right through that defense though, because… yes.  I have two LONG AND JAM-PACKED days of work… and two kids.  I feel like I’ll be asked in cross-examination about the women who work five LONG AND JAM-PACKED days and have FIVE KIDS.  All I can say is that I am in awe of all those women and would like to hug them tight and ask them to mentor me.

Especially if they make real dinners every night and homemade bread on the weekends… and still manage to see the bottom of their dirty clothes hampers.


I have been home for exactly 38 minutes.  I’ve managed to cook a take-and-bake pizza at 425 degrees and cheer for my boys to EAT QUICK!  GOBBLE IT UP!  FASTER, BOYS!  EAT THAT PIZZA FASTER!  Because?  Well, we are off to youth group at the church, where it’s my turn to teach the games class.

And then I’m going to come home and breathe, and relax, because my long weekend starts tonight at 8:00, when we get home from the church.

Which, you know, is the joy of only working two days every week.

But… before I go… I’ll leave you with something Jen Hatmaker posted on Instragram this morning.

img_7716Who are these people who drink their coffee BLACK?  I mean, other than my parents?  Because I love myself so much, I can’t even touch a cup of coffee that isn’t the color of pale beige sand on a beach.  So, you know, I basically want a cup of warm milk with a little coffee flavoring.

Happy Wednesday night, y’all.  With any luck at all, the boss will show up to work at Jedi Mama, Inc. tomorrow night and get something written.



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