The Little Worker Bees

“Alright, boys. You! The tall one! Get on that tractor and level out the giant dirt piles. And you! Shorty! Keep on making those bulldozer sound effects. I want a 3% grade there, so we don’t end up with melted snow in our basement, come April. And when you’re finished with the slope, you can load up all this dirt in that Tonka and use it to fill in the low spots. I want access points here, here… and here. And let’s move that five-gallon bucket of water y’all have had out here all season; the algal bloom is monstrous.”

Yeah… I don’t mean to brag… but our boys are finally old enough where they can do the REAL work, while Hubs and I sit on the deck with tall glasses of iced tea.

Oh, who am I kidding?

It was wine.

img_3225 img_3263 img_3281

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