In case you want to know what’s going on in our lives right now, I can fill you in quickly.

1.  I taught PE all day yesterday.

2.  And all day today.

3.  I have back-to-back classes, so bathroom breaks are always a trick to coordinate; the only hope of achieving the luxury of a pit stop is when one class is coming into the gym and one class is leaving the gym.

4.  Two cups of coffee and two bottles of water will speed up the need for coordinating a trip to the restroom.  Sometimes, you just have to grab a well-known parent in the hallway, and ask, “Can you just watch these kindergartners change their shoes?  You know… while I visit the ladies’ room?”

5.  Thing 2 spent the afternoon with Grammy while I worked today.

6.  When I walked into her place to pick him up, I didn’t see him, but Grammy pointed to the bathroom door.

7.  It’s much easier to take a bathroom break when you’re four.

8.  Grammy’s place smelled INCREDIBLY STRONGLY of orange oil.

9.  I thought Grammy had gone a little overboard on her air freshening attempts, but I was polite and refrained from saying anything.

10.  When Thing 2 was done in the bathroom and opened the door, we learned that he had sprayed an ENTIRE ENTIRE ENTIRE bottle of brand new orange oil dusting spray all over the bathroom.

11.  The only visual I have is this:  Let’s pretend that someone struck oil in a five-foot-by-five-foot bathroom, and said oil sprayed on the floors and the walls and the sink and the potty and the ceiling and the toilet paper dispenser.

12.  And then pretend that all of that spraying oil smelled just like oranges.

13.  Dawn dish soap and a mop are necessary items when you’re cleaning up an orange oil dusting spray spill that has contaminated the environment.

14.  It takes forever.

15.  It’s been two hours, and I STILL smell orange oil, and I’m at my house.

16.  I smell orange oil every single time I inhale.

17.  I will never be able to use orange oil again in my life, because the smell is now dead to me.

18.  I like to pretend that little Prince William probably sprays entire bottles of cleaner in the bathrooms at his palace.

19.  I’m sure Princess Kate and I are both facing the same parenting issues.

20.  I’m sure she probably mopped up the mess in HER bathroom all by herself, too.

And THAT about sums everything up right now.  I wish I had something more glamorous for y’all tonight, but the honest truth is that it was a long day in PE and I forgot to get everything ready and chopped this morning, so that I could put homemade chicken noodle soup in our crockpot for dinner this evening.

Which means I came home and THERE WAS NO DINNER, because OH, YES!  SOUP DIDN’T HAPPEN.  So now we’re looking at some tortilla chips and a brick of cheddar cheese.  Yum, yum, dinner!

Y’all have a good Wednesday evening.



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