And… We Are On Thanksgiving Break!

Well… hey there, y’all.

This has been one of those days, where I’m just a-crazy-kind-of-happy to see the end.  I’m not sure when you were last in an elementary school, on the day before Thanksgiving Break, following the Super Moon and Halloween and all the candy that went with it, but suffice it to say that the small children were LOUD CHILDREN today at our little school.  It wasn’t exactly the onset of Christmas Vacation, but visions of NO SCHOOL were dancing in everyone’s head today, and, THANKS BE TO THE LORD, we are now on our holiday.

There will be no learning of the multiplication facts, or distinguishing between a hard-C and a soft-C, or finding any quotient properties of radicals for the next few days.  At our house, we have every intention of wearing our pajamas a lot during the daytime hours, with cups of coffee in hand and You Tube videos playing in the background.  Thing 2 is currently obsessed with videos on the iPad of trains with plows on the fronts of them, which bust through enormous snow drifts on the railroad tracks, and videos on giant log splitters.  I cannot adequately explain in words how UTTERLY BORING I find these short videos, filmed by amateur directors, but Thing 2 whoops and hollers every time a man successfully cuts an entire tree into a stack of firewood for the winter.

We also have plans to smoke a turkey and whip up some stuffing, because guess who volunteered to bring the Stove Top?  Yes, that would be the same person who exhausted all of her kitchen skills on sliding homemade pies in and out of the oven all night on Sunday.  And Hubs is smoking the turkey, so I really don’t have any part in that.  Hubs’ goal in life is to SMOKE ALL THE ANIMALS on his Traeger.  All I have to do is sit back, prop my feet up, and exclaim, “Marvelous!” every time he shows me a picture on his phone of how a chunk of raw something or other is being slowly transformed into a PERFECTLY-SEASONED, PERFECTLY-SEARED, PERFECTLY-TASTY HUNK OF MEAT.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to sit mindlessly in front of a show with more dialogue and drama than a man in a plaid, flannel shirt has when he cuts a pine tree up into foot-long sections of firewood.

Enjoy your Tuesday evening, y’all.  Three cheers to that very precious bit of time, when your entire, five-day holiday break is stretched out in front of you, with nary a moment used up yet.



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