Just A Sunday Evening Hello

I really had big hopes of doing a Thanksgiving Weekend Recap post here tonight, because obviously that would be what the CEO wanted… you know… given that this is the very tail end of the blessed holiday weekend, and that blog posts should be TIMELY.

Sadly, this is the time when the CEO wants one thing…

… and ends up cleaning out someone’s week-old tuna salad sandwich out of the mini fridge in the break room instead.

Here’s to hoping that someone from the staff at Jedi Mama, Inc. shows up to work tomorrow night.  In the meantime, I will leave you with this Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, which EXACTLY sums up my life right now.

f2c4ef8a813fc2ff10ecf50d242d799aHappy Sunday night, y’all.  May your coffee be hot and filled with plenty of creamer first thing tomorrow morning, and may all of your preschoolers sleep through the night, like they’re supposed to do.


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