The Extra Hour

How did y’all spend your extra hour today, after moving your clocks back last night?

Hubs and I spent OUR extra hour in the usual way… just celebrating the fact that we have children…. by cleaning up an entire bottle of Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby Powder that exploded all over a bedroom.

That’s right, folks.  AN ENTIRE BOTTLE.  Not just part of a bottle.  Not just half of a bottle.  No, ma’am.  It was EVERY LAST DROP OF A FULL BOTTLE OF POWDER, because OF COURSE IT WAS.

Of.  Course.  It.  Was.

Thing 2, you see, found a bottle from the olden days of his babyhood…

… and then he poured half of it into the fish aquarium…

… while he poured the second half into his giant John Deere combine.

And then he drove that combine all over his bedroom.  The laws of physics state that if you drive a powder-filled toy combine at the speed of a NASCAR in a medium-sized room, said powder will fling out.  This results in powder settling on the dresser, the bed, the train table, the bookcase, the floor, the rug, the rocking chair, all the books, the windowsill, the door, and every toy in the toy box.

In other words… YES!  It took an entire hour for Hubs and I to drain the fish aquarium, clean it out, refill it, and mop up baby powder, but the good news is this:

Thing 2’s bedroom is spic-and-span right now.  It’s freshly mopped.  It’s freshly scrubbed.  The fish tank is full of fresh water.  All of the toys have been wiped down with Clorox wipes.  He has fresh bedding on his bed.

And I will never buy another bottle of baby powder for as long as I live.


It will also be quite a while before I can bring myself to buy another bottle of spray sunscreen, too.


Well, because YESTERDAY Thing 2 found a nice bottle of SPF-75, with a spray top, while we were all working outside in the yard.

And then he very proudly — OH!!! SO!!! VERY!!! PROUDLY!!! — sprayed the entire driver’s side of Hubs’ car with it.  He announced, “Hey, Dad!  Come check this out!  I just painted your car WHITE for you!   You’re gonna LOVE IT, DAD!  I did it for your birthday present!”

Do you know how easily sunscreen comes off of a Honda?

That would be NOT EASILY AT ALL.

Half a bottle of Dawn dish soap and two trips to the car wash later, and we can STILL see the WHITE BIRTHDAY PAINT.

In other news… we still love that small fry… and I guess we’ll still keep him…. but feel free to drop bottles of wine off at our house.



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