The Struggle Is Real

THING 2 (right after his shower this morning, while I was helping him dry off and get dressed):  “I’m freezing!  I’m FREEZING!!”  (*use the whiny voice now*)  “I’m so cold, I can’t stand it!  Hurry up and get my clothes on me!”

ME (trying to avoid the childish reaction of showing him how I could really kick things into SLOOOOOW… MOOOOO… TIONNNNNN):  “I AM hurrying!  Hold still and get these jeans on!”

THING 2:  “I AM FREEZING!!!!”  (*inserts one arm into his shirt*)  “Wait!  What kind of shirt is this?”

ME:  “It’s a shirt!  Just a shirt!”

THING 2:  “Well, what KIND of shirt is it?”

ME:  “It’s just a long-sleeved, maroon T-shirt!”

THING 2:  (*insert Academy Award-worthy whining voice*)  “Oooh!!!  I don’t like long-sleeved shirts!  They make me too hot!!!”

I believe this is why God gave us GRAPES.


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