Tubes 2016

Thing 2 and his ears do not get along very well.  In fact, I think his ears have always treated him quite poorly, which seems so unfair, considering how cute he is.  But those ears just haven’t done the jobs that Jesus made them to do, so… LAST November… we had tubes put in.  We were tired of battling chronic ear infections and our antibiotic use was approaching the point where Mama said, “This has got to stop.”

So Tubes 2015 happened.

That act was a game changer, y’all.  Tubes 2015 kept us from being frequent visitors at our pediatrician’s office and moved us into the realm of WE NEVER SEE YOU AT THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE ANY MORE!  In other words, it was worth every penny of our ridiculous insurance deductible.

Then, at the end of September, Thing 2 complained… for the first time in ten entire months… that his ears hurt.  A trip to our pediatrician confirmed that the tubes were out.  We did a round of antibiotics, because it had been ten months since he’d last had them.

Two days after we finished the antibiotics, he was back to bawling with ear pain.

We did our level best to stay out of the hospital’s OR, but it wasn’t meant to be.  Our beloved ear, nose and throat doctor saw him two weeks ago and said, “Listen.  The poor boy needs Ear Tubes, Round Two, and we should consider taking his adenoids out while we have him in surgery.”  A quick trip to the audiologist this week confirmed what Hubs and the boy and the grandmas and I already knew:  THING 2 COULD BARELY HEAR.

And by barely hear, I mean that Thing 2 flunked his hearing test yesterday.  He flunked it with confetti and champagne and fireworks and all the sparkler sizzles.  The boy said it best, when he announced, “Mom, it’s like living with a hundred-year-old man.  The TV has to be turned up to ridiculous volumes and you have to shout at Thing 2, from six inches away, if you want him to hear what you’re saying.”

And THAT is how today came to pass.

img_7946Thing 2 and his curly mop went in for the second set of ear tubes and to get his adenoids out.

After surgery, our doctor announced, “His ears were full of Jell-O pus and green slime.”

Which, you know, is exactly what I didn’t need to hear.

Thing 2 came out of recovery, crying and telling everyone who would listen that his ears hurt and his nose hurt, and HUSH, BOY, BECAUSE MAMA’S HEART ALREADY BROKE WHEN SHE SENT YOU BACK TO SURGERY, AND NOW I CAN’T TAKE YOUR SOBS OF PAIN WITHOUT MY HEART EXPLODING IN SADNESS.

He also came out of recovery WITHOUT his hospital gown.  The anesthesiologist told us later, “He woke up and wanted that gown OFF.  He kept saying that he couldn’t stand it, and he undressed himself!”  I’m sure that had everything to do with the fact that BEFORE surgery, he complained that it looked like a nightGOWN, which is what GIRLS wear.

img_7950Little Cousin H came up to the hospital to visit Thing 2.

She sat on his bed and gently patted him, and made my heart swell with joy over their friendship and how the two of them take care of each other.

img_7949After surgery, he only wanted Mam to hold him, because grandmas trump moms sometimes.

img_7952And then, after he’d crunched an entire Styrofoam cup filled with ice and eaten an orange Popsicle and guzzled some apple juice, we got to take the little man home.

He spent the day on the down-low.  We sat and read books.  And then we read some more books.  And then some more books.  And then, when I thought we’d read all the books we owned, Thing 2 found some more books to read, so we read those, too.

While we were in the rocking chair, reading, Thing 2 sat up and hollered, “What’s that sound?”  It was the bubbles in his fish aquarium, which sits in his bedroom.  He was stunned that it was making noise.  When he went to the bathroom, the overhead light-and-fan combo was TOO loud.  He needed it SHUT OFF, because he had to cover his ears otherwise, which is why he pottied in the dark.

I’m going to venture a guess and say that he probably wouldn’t flunk his hearing test today!

After we read a mountainous stack of books, we watched TV.

And then we read some of the same books AGAIN.

And then we watched some more TV.

And then by 3:30 this afternoon, Thing 2 started to get perky again.  He was up, assembling train tracks across his bedroom floor and pushing his train engines all over the place.

Tubes 2016 is going to be good to us; I can already tell.

Thank you for praying for our wee little man.


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