Flight 9452, Recovered. Pilot Deceased.

ME:  “What happened to your plane?  It’s all wrapped up in Scotch tape!”

img_0819THING 2:  “Well, Mom, the pilot flew that plane straight through a giant spiderweb.  The web got all over the plane.  Do you like how I used tape to pretend to be a web?”

ME:  “Yes.  It was terribly clever.  Of course, you realize that we have NO tape left in our house.”

THING 2:  *blank stare*

ME:  “What happened to the pilot?”

image2 image1THING 2:  “Well, when he got out of his plane to rescue it from the giant spiderweb, the giant spider got him.  The spider wrapped him all up, and now he’s going to get eaten.”

ME:  “Any chance we could save the pilot?”

THING 2:  “No.  He’s a dead man.”

Dear Girlmoms,

I am so sorry that you never get the opportunity to discover stuff like this on YOUR kitchen counters.  It’s always lovely to move an airplane wrapped in a spiderweb out of the way when you’re trying to cook dinner.  I feel horrible that y’all miss out on this.


A Boymom

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