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I feel like I haven’t written a real blog post in ages.

That probably has everything to do with the fact that I haven’t written a real blog post in ages.

Also?  Well, I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve finally taken my mother’s advice.  She’s only offered up this advice for the past twenty years or so.  Clearly, I like to slowly ease into things.  But… y’all!  It’s no big secret that I have myself some Laundry Issues.  And by Laundry Issues, I simply mean that I don’t actually DO the laundry, until the piles are teetering on the brink of an avalanche, and Hubs starts complaining about being down to the single pair of boxers that he hates, which just happens to be the pair he is saving for the Apocalypse.  My mother has always said, “If you just do one small load a day, it’ll be quick and basically painless, and you won’t have to face this mountain of dirty clothes again.”

And, truth be told, my mother was right.

Last Sunday, I did all of our laundry.  I did.  I grit my teeth with a fierce determination, and I ran the washing machine like it was MY JOB, all the livelong day.  And come last Sunday evening, we had ourselves some clean clothes.  Washed, dried, folded, hung… AND ALSO PUT AWAY.  Folks didn’t know what to do at our house, when they walked into their closets to see PRIME CHOICES of boxers, and fresh socks, piled to the heavens in their drawers.

On Monday, I washed what we wore on Sunday.

On Tuesday, I washed some towels and a couple pairs of jeans.

And then suddenly, I was on a roll to keep the laundry baskets bare, and I haven’t looked back since.  So, while all of my friends have gone completely off sugar and are trading recipes for the Whole 30 program in a Facebook group and letting one another know that THIS SPAGHETTI SAUCE has no sugar in it, I’m ready to start a group of my own, where we encourage one another to just keep the agitator spinning and the dryer tumbling.  I envision a group where we can share pep talks and encouraging memes, so that we STAY.  THE.  LAUNDRY.  COURSE.

It has been a week, people.  One full week, and my laundry hampers are still bare and empty.  In other words, I’m writing it down as a Life Win.

In other news, we have been up to all sorts of things, if the photos on my iPhone are to be believed.

Before Thing 2 got his haircut, he (and his curls!) got to help one of his BFFs celebrate his birthday.  Of course, that led to a quick photo opp, with Thing 2’s best buddies.  We took eighteen pictures of the three amigos together, and there wasn’t a single one where all three boys were looking in the same direction.

Apparently that’s a life skill that develops around their freshman year of high school.



We live next door to some of THE MOST FUN boys around.  The boy and the cute neighbor boy are good friends, who hang out a lot together.  They do manly things, like watch movies with explosions and challenge one another to see who can eat three Big Mac hamburgers in the shortest amount of time possible.

Sometimes, even sophomores and juniors need parental supervision at meal times, because THREE BIG MACS IN ONE SITTING?!  Where in the world were their mothers?

Thing 2 loves our neighbor boys, and they love to hang out with him and teach him how to crawl on his belly through the tall weeds to spy on bad guys.  Over Christmas break, the crew all got together for an afternoon of ice skating.   Thing 2 was SO excited to go with them and feel like a big kid himself.

IMG_0823Speaking of ice skating, I feel like Thing 2 has become a rink rat, who basically LIVES at the ice rink.  He LOVES skating.  He’s fast.  He talks a lot of smack.  And he will skate and skate and skate, until the zamboni driver makes him get off the ice to go home for dinner.

IMG_0861The preschooler has also totally nailed the art of getting a drink without taking his helmet off, all in the name of not wasting any time on the ice.

IMG_0825The little stinker is getting pretty good at whipping around the rink.

And I’m getting pretty good about remembering to warm his skates up for him, instead of leaving them in the back of the Suburban, where the wet shoelaces freeze and make his rink time miserable.

IMG_0845I had a Mother Win last week, when I ordered $14 worth of drawer organizers from Amazon and smacked those suckers into the top drawer of Thing 2’s dresser.  He’s four, and his idea for “looking for a pair of socks” involves him stirring through the drawer’s contents, like he’s stirring an oversized pot of soup.  Instead of blending the oregano with the chicken broth, he gets busy blending the socks right into the superhero underwear, and then no one can find anything they’re actually looking for.


IMG_0877Socks stay where socks are meant to be.  Undies stay where undies are meant to be.  And the middle section there catches the belts and ties and baby shoes that I will never part with.

Thing 2 had a dentist appointment last week, to get his teeth cleaned.

IMG_0850The dentist chuckled over how many teeth he’s already lost and said, “I haven’t had a four-year-old with permanent teeth already fully in his mouth for QUITE a long time!”

Thing 2 followed up his cleaning appointment by losing his FOURTH tooth the following day.

IMG_4941 IMG_4943AND… he has two more loose teeth, which I don’t expect to hang in there much longer.

The Tooth Fairy, being the forgetful, elderly slacker that she is, REMEMBERED at 7:00, as Thing 2 was going to bed and announcing that he couldn’t wait to get up in the morning and see what the fairy had left him, that she had a preschool fellow booked for the night, and written, IN INK, on her day planner.  Thankfully, the Tooth Fairy has a sixteen-year-old boy who helps her out.  When she handed the teenager some cash for a new Matchbox car, with enough leftover for a SODA from the store, he was more than happy to drive himself to Walmart and pick up the goods.

Hence, Thing 2 woke up the following morning to find a 1940-something Buick Matchbox car waiting for him, which is what happens when you’re losing teeth at the age of four and have no concept of money.

We have spent the majority of January hunkered down and trying to avoid the freezing temperatures.  Seriously, we have had windchills of 20, 30 and even 40 degrees below zero, with real temps of MINUS TWENTY-TWO DEGREES.  It’s ridiculous.

We’ve also had more snow than the North Pole has had this winter.  Small Town, USA has become something of its own Polar Ice Cap.

IMG_0870Hubs took Wednesday afternoon off from work last week, when it FINALLY STOPPED SNOWING, so that he could plow us out.  He and Thing 2 and two of our neighbor men, who also came home from work to get some snow removed, all went to work.  There is  nothing in Small Town that brings people together and shows the goodness of folks than a full-on snowstorm.  People are just willing to work together here, to dig one another out.  Hubs and our two neighbor guys had the four-wheeler with the plow, two snow blowers, and three snow shovels, with Thing 2 bringing up the caboose with his own, pint-sized snow shovel.  By the time I got home from work late Wednesday afternoon, I could drive through our cul de sac without getting stuck, and we once again owned a bare driveway.  Those three guys and a preschooler had completely moved snow out of our cul de sac and plowed and shoveled everyone’s driveways.

IMG_0872 IMG_0873 IMG_0874 IMG_0876On Thursday afternoon, I ended up with the mother of all migraines.

The mother ship crashed.

I took some migraine tablets and curled up on the sofa, with a blanket and the fireplace.  And… somehow… all the angels cleared the way for me, for a restful afternoon.  Thing 2 was, THANKFULLY, ready for some downtime, too.  I put The Lego Movie on for him, and he didn’t even move through the entire show.

IMG_0881By dinnertime, I was fully recovered.

On Friday night, we kicked off our weekend by going into the city, and parking twelve blocks away from the pizza parlor that we were meeting some friends at.

Apparently, everyone had the same idea of kicking their weekend off with a dinner out, since the streets were fully plowed and the temperature was finally a balmy eleven degrees.  We ordered pizzas, the kids played on the video games, and we talked and laughed… and laughed and talked.

Afterward, I tried to take a picture of Thing 2 with his other best friend, Vivi, but they were both a lot more interested in watching a loud diesel truck turn the corner behind me.

IMG_0890These two cuties sat by our fireplace one morning.

IMG_0896And then we spent this last weekend going to one of Thing 2’s friend’s birthday parties at the ice rink.  The boys all skated like madmen and devoured a cake shaped like BB-8, from the Star Wars movies.

We made a Walmart run this weekend, where we basically bought half of the store, as we were out of ALL.  THE.  THINGS.

We sat in our pajamas and had coffee late into the morning.  We watched Zootopia in our living room, with the fireplace running, as a family.  We went to church.  I stuck with my “one small load of laundry a day” commitment.  If it takes twenty-one days to make a habit, then I’m on Day Eight.

And basically, the weekend was all good.

Happy Monday, everyone.



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