The Night Herod Feared The Police Boots In Bethlehem

ME:  “What did you learn in Children’s Church, Buddy?”

THING 2:  “We learned about a really bad guy.  He was going to kill a bunch of babies.”

ME:  “What was the bad guy’s name?”

THING 2:  “His name was Herod.  He was a baby killer.  I didn’t like him.”

ME:  “Why was he going to kill babies?”

THING 2:  “Because he was trying to kill baby Jesus.  He didn’t want baby Jesus to grow up and be the king.”

ME:  “Did Herod kill baby Jesus?”

THING 2:  “No.”

ME:  “Why not?”

THING 2:  “Because baby Jesus’ mom and dad went and tapped a policeman’s shoulder for help.  The policeman came and told Herod, ‘If you kill baby Jesus, I will kick you right in the face with my police boots, and then you’ll be really sorry.’  And that’s how that story went, Mom.”



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