Easter 2017

Happy Easter!

One of these two boys ate the entire contents of his Easter basket for breakfast.

Not just SOME of his candy… or PART of his candy… BUT ALL OF IT.



He ate the malted Robin’s eggs.  He ate the package of jellybeans.  He ate the chocolate bunny.  He ate it all while his parents were getting ready for church and not diligently paying attention.

Bless again.

So yes.  We gave him candy.  The Easter Bunny gave him candy.

And then he got Easter candy in Sunday School.

And then Mam and Pa gave him Easter candy at lunch.

And then Grammy and Papa gave him Easter candy at dinner.

In other words, Thing 2 consumed more sugar today than I usually let him have in a six-month period of time, because I am the mean sugar Nazi.

One more bless.

But, despite the fact that our preschooler’s blood sugars are at an all-time high this evening, we had a wonderful Easter weekend, filled with family, good friends and Jesus.

And?  Did you hear about Jesus?  He is risen!  He is risen, indeed!

Happy Easter, everyone!

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