If You’re Not Winning, It’s The Worst Day Of Your Life

We just got three big boxes, full of hand-me-down clothes for Thing 2.  One of the boxes held a pair of orange and blue sneakers AND a pair of blue and green sneakers.  I told Thing 2 to get his shoes on for school this morning, and he came out of his bedroom sporting the orange and blue pair for the first time.

“Look, Mom!  These are pretty awesome new shoes I got!”

Yes.  Yes, they were awesome.

I ran to my closet to get my shoes and socks on, and when I came out, Thing 2 had changed shoes.  He was wearing the blue and green pair.

I asked him why he’d changed shoes.  He said, “Mom, I tested out the first pair by running across the kitchen, and man!  Were they ever SLOW SHOES!  So I changed them, and then I tested this pair out, and they’re super fast, so I’m wearing these.  I would be so embarrassed if I went to school in SLOW SHOES, Mom!  That would be the worst day of my life!”

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