Spring Break ’17 Is In The Books

Our Spring Break is finished.

While all of our friends went to Hawaii (Yes!  HAWAII!!) and Cancun (Yes!!!  Stinking Cancun!!) and Scottsdale, Arizona and the Grand Canyon and skiing hither and yon and all over the place, we stayed at home.  I may have mentioned that, because we spent our Spring Break funds on a new refrigerator and dishwasher.  Everyone else is straggling back into town, with tanned skin and highlighted hair and snapshots on Facebook of ALL THE MEMORIES, but their Spring Breaks are finished now, too.  And mine?  Well, I’m going to be slamming the new dishwasher door shut for several years yet, and patting it as I tell folks, “My Spring Break ’17 is still happening every single night, after dinner.”

So… who won THIS vacation week, I ask you?!

We have spent our time this week at different parks with friends, at the pizza parlor with friends, at the ice rink with friends, and at Walmart, by ourselves, because nobody really wants to go to Walmart.  Of course, these are the friends who didn’t take a flight to a beach, so we felt some solidarity with them.  We played a lot this week.  I watched four entire episodes of Fixer Upper off the DVR this week, which is more than I usually watch in a month.  My love for Chip and Joanna runs deep, but I’m way behind on their show.  Thing 2 played a considerable amount of hockey this week, we ate a lot of pizza this week, the boy went to a couple different movies with friends this week, and we are sad to see the end of it.

But, we sent our Spring Break ’17 out in style.  The golf course opened up yesterday, and I’ll give you one guess as to who had himself a tee time!  The cute neighbor boy was supposed to play a round of golf with the boy this afternoon, but he texted to say that he’d taken to his bed with the plague, and that the boy should go on and live life without him.  That big boy of ours looked at his little brother and asked, “Want to golf with me?”

Oh, my lands!  DID HE EVER!!  Hubs is down for the count today with another sinus infection, because this is the winter where we cannot shake the infected sinus cavities.  He took his antibiotics and went back to bed, so I joined my two boys in the golf cart, with my camera, because OF COURSE I BROUGHT IT.  We left Hubs home to sleep in a quiet house.

And… because I had chosen to go with the boys… OF COURSE IT RAINED.

We had a great time together, as we shivered in the golf cart.

Here it is, people!  This is the boy’s very first drive, in his very first golf game, of 2017.

His mama clapped like a lunatic for him, as mamas are prone to do, until he shot me a sideways glance and said, “Seriously, Ma.  That was the worst drive I’ve ever shot.  Don’t overclap it.”

As if I ever overclap ANYTHING either one of my boys do!  I clap the proper amount each time, which is LIKE A LUNATIC.

Of course, Thing 2 wasn’t to be outdone by his older brother, so he wanted me to get a snapshot of HIS very first drive of the season, too.

We kept on shivering, driving through the mist, like we were taking a leisurely, Sunday drive in an open cart through an English countryside.  The boys just kept hitting the golf balls… one ball after another… after another…

Thing 2 doesn’t golf like everyone else does, because he adds his own flair to the game.

This is our preschooler, demonstrating his NINJA GOLF skills:

The fine mist just kept going, until we were in a nice little rainstorm that soaked us all clear through.  All I could think about were our friends in Arizona this week, who were golfing in the sunshine and wearing shorts.


Thing 2 got his hands on one of the boy’s club covers, which happens to be a stuffed rodent.  He packed that thing all over the last few holes.

Eventually, the boys finished their game, and we went home to hot cocoa.  Hubs and his Sinus Infection crawled out of bed, because he was finally hungry.  He announced that he’d grill pork chops for us tonight…

… right before he came back indoors from the deck and announced that our beloved Traeger grill was not starting…

… which is right before he announced that he felt like the Traeger may have breathed her last.




Apparently, this means that all of our Easter basket money, along with all of our Mother’s Day and Father’s Day money, will now be tied up in a new barbecue.

When it rains, it pours.  And when one appliance dies…. I guess they all do.  I’m going to have to get the furnace and the oven and the microwave together for a little meeting, where I basically use my MEAN GIRL VOICE and hiss, “Don’t even think about crashing.”

Have a great Sunday evening, y’all.  May your re-entry into school and work be a gentle one.  May your “Monday morning alarm after a week of Spring Break” be an easy one to take.

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