The Wheels On The Bike Are Still Going ‘Round And ‘Round

Can you even take more bicycling pictures?  Because we’re still going strong over here, riding without those training wheels.  This weekend, we rode with some cousins, while the boy was off, playing golf.

That’s the story of the boy’s life right now.

He practices golf.  He plays golf.  He works at the golf course.  He does some homework once in a while.  He empties my pantry.  He sleeps.  That’s how our sixteen year old is living life at the moment.

Thing 2 is living life right now on his bicycle.  He rides and he rides… and then he rides some more.  And then HE empties my pantry.

If I had any more sons, I’d have to take up hunting elephants, just to feed them.

Cousin K, who broke his leg plum in half back in January, just got his cast off last week.  His leg is weak and skinny.  His orthopedic doctor told him to start physical therapy at a clinic, and to start riding a bicycle to build some strength up in it.

What?  Start riding a bicycle again, now that the cast is off?  Well!  You’re in luck!  We know someone who will ride with you, Cousin K!

This was Cousin K’s first time on a bike in a whole lot of months.  He’s spent most of the winter on crutches, with a giant cast on his leg.  He was a little shaky at first, as he was nervous about using a leg that’s been useless to him for quite some time, but he did it!

We clapped like lunatics for him!

And then Thing 2 wanted to know which day he could ride again!

Y’all have a happy Monday night.

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