Little Things

It’s always been said that it’s the little things in life that make things sweeter.

Do you know what goes exceptionally well in a kitchen, where the sink is overflowing with dirty dishes because no one has any real desire to scrape food off of plates and load them into the dishwasher?

That would be a coffee mug full of blooms, picked straight out of patio flowerpots.

Sister picked them out of her own flowerbeds, and she shoved them all into one of her coffee mugs and brought them over a couple of days ago, as a surprise.  I made sure to put them on a clean patch of counter for a snapshot, because I don’t need anyone getting all up in my grill about LOAD THE DISHWASHER ALREADY!

And these boys?

Well, they’re just stinking cute!

And that little one has a five-nights-long streak of OUTSTANDING SLEEP.  Basically, this makes me want to cheer and clap loudly, while I throw confetti around like a crazy woman, after I’ve asked Taylor Swift to sing on a freshly-built stage in our front yard to celebrate all the SLEEPING.  Don’t think I take this Sleep Streak for granted; I’m just thanking Jesus over and over and OVER AGAIN for blessing us with the desires of our hearts this week.

Which was… you know… SLEEP.

And then, in case you saw me out and about this afternoon and wondered why my hair looked every bit as glamorous as it did, let me just show you this:

Not even Cindy Crawford or Taylor Swift herself could’ve maintained their glorious manes after making three hundred trips into the Mushroom Parachute during PE today.  I was so electrified, my hair stood out on end all day, and I basically zapped everyone I touched with enough gigawatts of electricity to send a DeLorean car back in time.  But, every kid in every class sighed when they left the gym and said, “The parachute day is always the best day in PE!”

So, you know… WINNER WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER.  And I’m attending that chicken dinner with some charged-up hair that won’t lay flat against my head.

Y’all have a happy Wednesday evening.

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